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The WM
TypeTelevision network
AvailabilityNational and International
MottoTV to Remember
OwnerBonneau Millennium 50%
Warner Bros. 50%
Key peopleHilarie Ross
Launch dateSeptember 18, 2795

The WM Television Network (French: La WM Réseau de Télévision) is a popular television network within Vanivere. Currently, it is a joint venture between Warner Bros. Entertainment and Bonneau Millennium Productions. A merge between The WB Television Network and The Millennium Network, "The WM" broadcasts several popular programs among Vaniveran teens, young adults, and adults. It is broadcast in English, French and other regional languages throughout the Vaniveran Empire. The WM is the Vaniveran counterpart to the American network, The CW.


The WM Television Network was originally known as The Millennium Network, owned by Bonneau Millennium Productions. After The Millennium Network's ratings began to drop rapidly at the start of 2795, Bonneau Millennium Productions agreed to merge the network with CBS and Warner Bros.'s The CW. Upon the merger between The CW and The Millennium networks, Bonneau Millennium and Warner Bros. renamed the network "The WM Television Network". The WM's name originates from The WB and The Millennium Network and stands for The Warner Millennium.

Prior to the merger of The CW and The Millennium Network, Warner Bros. and CBS did not operate on Gaea at all. But after seeing the success of The WM, Warner Bros. moved several of its CW shows to The WM as well. Despite the merger between the two networks, The WM only operates on Gaea, not Earth. The CW remains in service on the latter.

Now airing internationally in Celaeno, The WM has become one of the most watched television networks on the Celaeni continent.


The WM Network airs a 10-hour prime time lineup including Monday through Friday nights from 8:00-10:00 p.m. CET. The WM also airs a Monday-Friday afternoon block from 3:00-5:00 p.m. CET and a five-hour Saturday morning animation block through MillenniumKids. Altogether, the network programs 27 hours per week over seven days. Altogether, the network programs 27 hours per week over seven days.

Returning dramas / New dramas / Returning reality shows / Reruns

CET 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM
Monday Whispering Silence Gossip Girl: Beautiful Lies
Tuesday Eternity Supernatural: A New Generation
Wednesday Vanivere's Next Top Model Make Me a Supermodel
Thursday The O.C. One Tree Hill
Friday Metropolis The Glamorous Life