This alliance has disbanded as of May 2012.
The Undead Revolution
Founded December 14, 2011
Founding Nations Star Gazing, COG Rebellion, Selenarctos
Color Team Black
IRC #TYR @ Coldfront

TUR's Participation in The Grudge War Edit

The Undead Revolution the AA flown was by a group of four nations that declared war on Hooligans and the Viridian Entente in the C&G-MHA War, a theater of The Grudge War. Although their professed CB in declaring on Hooligans and VE was in defense of PPO and The Apparatus respectively, TUR had no treaty with either alliance, nor did the AA have a valid DoE.

The AA was made up entirely of members of Through Yggdrasil's Roots (2nd), an alliance that did possess a valid MDP with PPO and AzN (Forerunner to The Apparatus), but pains were taken by both TUR and The Apparatus to underscore the fact that TYR was not involved in the war, and was in fact not honoring it's treaties.

Most considered the facts that TUR was operating without a DoE and outside of any treaty agreement evidence that The Undead Revolution was a rogue alliance. Nevertheless, when PPO and MHA surrendered to Hooligans and VE respectively, the surrender of TUR was also accepted.

Genesis Edit

The name for The Undead Revolution may have come about from a discussion on TYR's IRC channel some months earlier:

WickedJ[Fark]: stop the yelling, good lord..i heard you all the way over in #farkistan
Demolantis[Rapture]: lol
snogirl: LANNA! :D
Lanna[TYR]: lol
Lanna[TYR]: XD
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: i heard someone screaming while chatting in #tricom
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: WHO DIED?!
WickedJ[Fark]: was there a fire?
* Drakedeath[TC][Lord] counts people
Jt: i did that awhile ago
WickedJ[Fark]: you died awhile ago?
WickedJ[Fark]: ZOMBIE!!
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: lol
WickedJ[Fark]: TYR: the Zombie alliance
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: TYR is a typo
snogirl: ew, zombie legs.
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: iits supposed to be TUR
WickedJ[Fark]: ?
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: Through Undead Roots or something
WickedJ[Fark]: the undead revolution?
Lanna[TYR]: XD
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: that works bettar

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