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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of July 12th, 2008. (Note: See also: LoFN War)

The Triple Entente
TTE Motto: Glory, Honor, Wealth
Team Color Pink team.gif Pink

link= alliance Statistics as of 5/18/08

Total Nations 25
Strength 69,758
Avg. Strength 2,262
Nukes 0
Score 0.41
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Alliance Activities[]

The Triple Entente was ruled by a Premier, a Chief, a Chairman, and several ministers. The Triple Entente is currently setting up a tech trading program to enrich its nations and to provide tech sellers to the CN world.

Foreign Affairs[]

TTE in its final days was pursuing a PIAT with RAM. TTE was also pursuing diplomatic communications with several alliances in the cyberverse. TTE is also looking for alliances wishing to buy tech.


The Triple Entente was created shortly before the disbandment of The Dark Kingdom. The Alliance was founded by Jenkyle of Baratoga and King Jamal of Jamarium. Many former members of The Dark Kingdom (TDK) went on to join The Triple Entente. The Triple Entente remains in close friendship with the former leaders of TDK who are coll6 and David Edwards. Because of these close ties with coll6 The Triple Entente tries to maintain diplomacy with Royal Ardor Monarchy (RAM).

The Triple Entente is the only alliance in the CN world that is known to collect taxes from its member nations. The tax amounts collected were always small amounts between $20,000 and $50,000. All money that is collected is used to aid alliance members to help them grow nad to help out alliance members in times of war. This policy of Growth Aid has caused many new nations to grow tremendously in short periods of time.

LoFN War[]

Andromeda launched an attack on The Triple Entente because of its involvement in the League of Free Nations. Because of this war The Triple Entente was severely damaged and cripled. Leaders then decided for the disbandment of The Triple Entente. After the war there was an attempt to reorgainize the TTE into the Confederation of Soverign Nations but the alliance soon proved to be a failure.

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