The Tequila Accords

Flag of Valhalla
Nueva Vida

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: July 3, 2011
Treaty Status: Inactive

Text of the Treaty Edit

Part one: Drinking EtiquetteEdit

Neither party shall disparage the others choice in spirits or women.

Both parties shall share all drink recipes they come across in their travels and warn the other should they find news of bad gin.

Part two: BrotherhoodEdit

Should either party have their liqueur cabinet raided, then the other shall intervene in an attempt to save the alcohol. If said alcohol was exposed to risk by the actions of the aggrieved as they came to the aid of a third party, then the remaining party has no obligation to help. They may however, still choose to defend the remaining spirits or help to restock the cabinet.

Should a member of this pact decide that they need to shake down a third party, then the remaining member of this pact has the option to help strong arm or just keep a look out for the fuzz if they so choose. Although there is no obligation to do either.

Part Three: Walk of ShameEdit

If either party decides that the other is a dirty teetotaler or decided that they need some time alone, then they must give 72 hours private notice to the other party, after which there will be a 96 hour period of time where we just avoid each other and stare at our drinks mournfully.


Signed For ValhallaEdit

ChefJoe: Cluster &*^!, straight up
Bud: Shots with salt and lime
Levistus: Cadillac, rocks, no salt.
Jesper: Matador with a twist
ChairmanHal: Long Island Iced Tea
Keshav : Shirley Temple, extra cherry.

Signed for Nueva VidaEdit

His Imperial Highness Centurius I of Montezuma, Emperor of Nueva Vida, Keeper of the Liquor Cabinet, Drinker of Tequila

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