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Bastion - Hope for the future or dead-on-arrival? was a story posted on The Tattler on Feburary 9, 2009.

Bastion - Hope for the future or dead-on-arrival?[]

Word has come to The Tattler of a newly proposed bloc that would certainly shake up the order (*snicker snicker*) of things in Cyber Nations. Several alliances are currently considering invitations to a bloc tentatively named “Bastion“. Apparently the nickname stems from a bastion being the entrance to a Citadel, and the original intent was for certain Citadel alliances to reduce tensions between their group and the Continuum. The original invitees were indicated by The Tattler’s sources as TOP, FOK, Sparta, Umbrella, MHA and Grämlins. Since FOK’s departure from the Continuum took everyone by surprise, the courageous statistics junkies in TOP and Grämlins decided that this wasn’t for them because it might mean the loss of some precious pixels to some jackboot wearing Pacifican thug.

Enter GOD, RIA, R&R and FARK. These alliances aren’t known for any special love toward the Order or their Continuum stooges, and all of them are less than well inclined to the diplomatic tea party atmosphere inculcated by Dilber and his gang of sycophants since the last credible military opposition to Order supremacy was dead before it even got rolling in the summer of 2008.

So from what The Tattler is hearing, this is the tentative Bastion lineup (subject to alliance approval):









Another interesting side note is the diplomatic pressure being placed upon these alliances by (you guessed it) the New Pacific Order. The Tattler is hearing reports of quite a few veiled threats being dealt out, and a few not-so-veiled ones. NPO is desperate to keep its thralls in line and at its back instead of at its throat. As has been commonly noted in the Open World Forum, there are only two kinds of alliances in NPO’s eyes: useful meat shields and targets. We here are eager to see what the spines of the potential proponents of this new ‘Bastion’ are made of. Will they be steel or will they be spaghetti?

We shall see.

The Tattler would like to thank its many agents inside enemy-held territory who contributed to this report. The war can’t continue without your selfless acts of bravery.

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