The TaTa Accords

Flag of Valhalla
Dark Templar
Flag of The Dark Templar

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: November 26, 2010
Treaty Status: Active


Text of the Treaty Edit


The alliances of Dark Templar and Valhalla have come together through mutual respect and friendship sign this Non-Chaining, Mutual Defense, Optional Aggression Pact.

Article 1Edit

Should either signatory receive any intelligence that would indicate actions being taken on either signatory by a third party, they are required to share the relevant information.

Article 2Edit

Should either Dark Templar or Valhalla come under attack it is required the other signatory to join in the defense of the other signatory.

If either signatory has been attacked in retaliation for joining a war in support of another alliance then this defense becomes optional.

Article 3Edit

If either signatory engage in an offensive attack, then the other has the option of lending what ever aid they wish.

Article 4Edit

Should any diplomatic incident come up between both alliances they will resolve it peacefully and diplomatically.

Article 5Edit

This treaty can be cancelled by either alliance with a 72 hour notice.


Signed for The Dark TemplarEdit

MyWorld, Dark Archon
Supa_Troop3r, Twilight Archon
TiTaN, Steward

Signed for ValhallaEdit

Regent: Chefjoe
Vice Regent: Bud
Marshal: Levistus
Security Consul: Lykme
Chancellor: RePePe
Emissary: Keshav

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