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SF:TE Official Flag

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Active in Round(s): 12—
Team Color Aqua
Founder(s) Andy R, l2eaper, Spaztik, Jenne, NationRuler
Founded June 20, 2010
Aqua team senate
  • R12: l2eaper of xxBuNgxx

AllianceStats.gif Statistics as of July 2, 2010

Total Nations 151
Active Nations 103
Percent Active 68%
Strength 217,395
Avg. Strength 1,440
Nukes 3
Score 35.70
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For the regular Cyber Nations bloc, see the SuperFriends

The SuperFriends: Tournament Edition (SF:TE) is an alliance that formed from the merger of the Fark, R&R, Sovereign Mongers of Uber Greatness, Army of Darkness and the Random Insanity Alliance at the beginning of Round 12. As such, it has no direct connection with the first, Alpha version alliance the SuperFriends. In Round 12 the SuperFriends started off in first place before being passed by the Roman Empire and remained in second place for the rest of the round until being passed by The Phoenix Cobras at the very end of the round, finishing in third.


Round 12[]

Justice League (Council)
  • Green Lantern (Current Head): Andy R (R&R)
  • Aquaman: l2eaper (Fark)
  • Black Vulcan: Spaztik (RoK)
  • Wonder Twins: Jenne (RIA)
  • The Flash: NationRuler (CSN)
Mega-City One Justice Department (Courts)
  • Judge Dredd (Chief Justice): Old Yak
  • Judge Rico: Vacant
  • Judge Hershey: Vacant
Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.) (Defense)
  • Nick Fury (Minister): LincolnC
  • Tony Stark (Deputy): Loomis
School For Gifted Youngsters (Interior)
  • Professor X (Minister): SnowyRose
  • Storm (Deputy): Vacant
Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: McShady511
  • Deputy of Foreign Affairs: The Atomik Kangaroo


Round 12[]

  • SuperFriends - Phoenix Cobras War
    • July 02, 2010 — July 08, 2010
    • Vs. The Phoenix Cobras & Roman Empire
  • Flying Kiwis - Bad Company War
    • July 03, 2010 — July 08, 2010
    • Vs. The Flying Kiwis
  • SuperFriends - Phoenix Cobras War II
    • Vs. The Phoenix Cobras
    • August 15, 2010 — August 20, 2010

Round 13[]

  • SuperFriends Super War
    • Vs. The Conservative Underground, SWAT, Kodiak Corps, and Threadstone
      • September 13, 2010 — Present
    • Vs. Pork Shrimp
      • September 14, 2010 — September 16, 2010

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Round 12[]

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