The Star-Crossed Lovers Pact
Treaty Signatories

Viridian Entente
Flag of Viridian Entente

Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: October 4, 2007
Treaty Terminated: April 17, 2009
Treaty Status: Cancelled

The Star-Crossed Lovers Pact is a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact signed on October 5, 2007 between the Viridian Entente and the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance. This description is not part of the signed treaty.


In recognition of a longstanding friendship and bond between the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance and the Viridian Entente, we come together this day to announce to Digiterra the declaration of our Mutual Defense Pact.


The Multicolored Cross-X Alliance enjoys the Viridian Entente's company and welcomes the Viridian Entente back to Digiterra after a lengthy absence. Therefore, the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance and the Viridian Entente pledge to honor the bond between them with a statement of non-assault. They shall not attack, condone attacks, nor turn a non-seeing eye to attacks on the other.


The Multicolored Cross-X Alliance and the Viridian Entente agree to stand by each other through both coagulated and runny occurrences. Should one of us fall prey to external threats, the other shall mount steeds and make a fast gallop to the battlefront. They shall carry heavy bags of money along and pay alms to the unwell. The sole rock along the path of mutual-defense would be an attack by an ally of the other party. That would be unfortunate; that party would have a fundamental duty to attempt to broker peace.


Both the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance and the Viridian Entente understand and appreciate that from time to time war on the offensive is necessary. Should adequate reason be present for such fracas by the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance or the Viridian Entente, the other party shall be called. Unless they have a really good excuse, that party must also enter the battle versus the forces of opposition.


Knowledge = power! Therefore, the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance and the Viridian Entente pledge to share their knowledge with each other. Not only about secrets that may be leaked or other spy stuff, but also about gameplay and human culture in general.


The agreement before us shall be as strong as we are. However, even we’re not perfect. Regrettable as that would be, the moment to cancel the treaty may come. To annul the treaty, one party must allow the other twenty four hours advance warning. After which this treaty will be considered null and void, with the exception of Article II which will remain for 48 hours from said cancellation.


For the Viridian Entente
Egore, Lord of the Viridian Entente
Rayvon, Secretary of Foreign Affairs
AppleMonster, Secretary of Internal Affairs
Ardus Cadogan, Secretary of Defense

For the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
SAM, Co-Chancellor
Ololiqui, Co-Chancellor
Liffer, High Council
Link229, High Council
Dr. Fresh, High Council
Jkush, High Council
CWC, High Council
NeuralLink, High Council
Enimecnegenev, High Council
Gopherbashi, High Council
Emperor Jose, High Council

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