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The Spice Trade Agreement

The Order of the Paradox
Flag of the Order of the Paradox

East India Company (VOC)

Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Signed: October 15th, 2009

And so, a united East India Company was formed to promote trade and prosperity among its participating nations. The fledgling company however in its early stage has found it in its best interest to seek protection from pirates and other groups of people who are interested in disrupting the activities of the company. Therefore, with mature council and deliberation from the leaders of all six ports within the alliance, we have seen it fit to establish a protectorate agreement with The Order of The Paradox who is interested in the growth and propagation of the spice trade. Both parties look to future profitable relations.

I. Non-Aggression[]

It is understood by both parties of this agreement that both agree to work with each other and not against. Attacks or spying from one party on the other are considered illegal and immoral. If such raids on any party’s ships does occur it will be viewed as a most serious act that should be dealt with in a swift manner, which includes reparations or expulsion of the offending member if deemed appropriate.

II. Domestic Consultation[]

The Order of the Paradox agrees to aid the company in its internal growth through giving as much advice as needed. TOP agrees to promote healthy growth as much as possible. Should the company wish to sign a treaty with another alliance it must first receive approval from TOP.

III. Piracy[]

Any unresolved attacks on the East India Company will be viewed as an act of aggression on The Order of the Paradox. TOP will provide full military support as appropriate to repel pirates. Should the East India Company wish to initiate a war with another alliance for a means other than to repel aggression, it must first get approval from TOP.

IV. Termination[]

Either signatory may cancel the treaty for just cause. There is a cool down period of 48 hours where the canceling party can reconsider their actions if they desire. No party can declare war on the other during this 48 hour period.

V. Dissolving the Treaty[]

This treaty may be dissolved at a time when the East India Company sees fit, preferably with advice from The Order of the Paradox. The treaty will be dissolved when the company feels it is stable and able to survive on its own securely. At this time should either party be interested, upgrades in treaty status may be explored.

VI. Adjustments[]

Adjustments can be made to this charter if agreed upon by both signatories.


Signed for The Order of the Paradox (TOP)[]

DrDan, Grandmaster
LiquidMercury, Grand Hospitaller
Kiss Goodbye, Grand Chancellor

Signed for East India Company (VOC)[]

Franklin, Governor General