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The Society
Tournament Edition alliance
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TS Official Flag

Active in Round(s): 1
Team Color Black
Founder(s) ADude, Emperor_Tiberius
Founded 12/23/09


  • Andrewbird


  • Open

Recruitment Officer

  • Open

Minister of Finance

  • Wild 7
Black team senate None

AllianceStats.gif Statistics as of 2/18/10

Total Nations 23
Active Nations 17
Percent Active 74%
Strength 52,321
Avg. Strength 2,275
Nukes 0
Score 5.24
Important Links

Round 9 links[]

Round 9 history[]

After a successful DoE the society climbed to 30 nations and signed an MDP with Orbit black.

After 2 weeks of building TS DoWed on UJA. Soon after the attacks on UJA Purple Unity stepped in to assist their treaty partner UJA. Before this a secret treaty was signed with Légalement Coupable which lead them to declare on PU in defense of TS. Peace is reached after 5 days of fighting.

Only after 2 days after the PU war OZland Cobras, Kleos and TS DoW Ordo Paradoxia in defense of TPF. After 3 days of fighting all fronts peace out.

13/3/2010. OB, LC and TS DoW on The Vault. PU declares on LC in defense of The vault. TS declares in defense of LC. UJA declares in defense of PU.

Round 10[]