the national Flag of the Alliance

The Sicilian Alliance was founded in 2009 following the Italian Civil war between the then currupt government and the rebel faction led by The General.

It is a total regime however the government will aim to relax these controls later

1)The BeginningEdit

Leading up to 2009 there had been several instances of rioting against the government of the day, these riots and even peaceful protests were put down mercilessly by Pro-government forces.

On the 2nd February 2009; the city of Palermo rose up and declared independence under a man known as The General, in the following months the island of sicily fell rapidly as did most of southern Italy,

During October Rebel Forces laid siege to Rome forcing the government to flee.

On 13 November The government fell and the Sicilian Alliance was officially born

2)Reception Of The AllianceEdit

Initial reception of the Alliance was poor with many fearing the states hardline approach to its running; this was mainly due to the fact even before the revolution the state of Italy had been in decay, unemployment was rife, birthrates had dropped by 4/5 and the expected life span was a mear 39, using these hardline approaches has meant in 5 short years the Alliance had a state of the art national health service, a military feared throughout the world, education is second to none and this has allowed the Alliance to grow with Minimal outside support.

3) Alliance ConflictsEdit

Even though the alliance is fairly young by internation standards it has already fought in 2 major theatres of war

The first being Neo-Quilto during the coup that took place there during which the "Black Guard" an elite regement of troops helped free the Emperor from Rebel hostage takers.

The second being the ongoing Jernan Civil War

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