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The Suspected Shadow Family Symbol

This article is based on speculation not fact. If you wish to ad your own theories to this, feel free.

Overview Edit

Nothing is known about the Shadow Families for certain, everything is just wild speculation, rumour and opinions. The only person known and suspected as being a member is Conrad Kruschev however these allegations are yet to be proven.


Rumours of a vast sophisticated criminal network have existed since the dawn of time. The Mafia, the Camorra and more, but none are more mysterious than the Shadow Families. In fact nothing is known as solid fact about them, no-one even knows if they exist. There have been endless theories on hidden codes and secret doors, all over the place. The above picture is believed by some to be the symbol to the Shadow Families, and the key to discovering everything about them. But years of study have as yet come up with nothing more than the faint blood stains in the background.

The SymbolEdit

Strangley this symbol is the same as that used by the Cadian Catholic Church however without the back ground. Some say there is a meesage written in the ancient Cadian language in this cross, but none have found it yet.

The Speculation in this article is based on the Mafia and other Organised Crime Groups. It is a work of fiction.

This group may also be found on Cyber Citizens.

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