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The Red Guard
Tournament Edition alliance
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TRG Official Flag

TRG Motto: The Left United will never be defeated!
Active in Round(s): 4—7
Team Color Red
Founder(s) Kaiser Indie
Founded 02/26/09

AllianceStats.gif Statistics as of 5/9/09

Total Nations 13
Active Nations 9
Percent Active 69%
Strength 11,945
Avg. Strength 919
Nukes 0
Score 1.99
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The Red Guard was the Tournament Edition alliance of The International. It formed in round 4 with its member base primarily from The Unrighteous Fist (The Righteous Fist members who had merged into The International). In round 4 The Red Guard grew dramatically in the early stages to achieve 3rd place sanction and a score 0f 18.43 at the end of the round.

For Round 5, The Red Guard returns with a new government and forums.

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