The Purple Incident

Was just after the creation of the RAC as a formed alliance finshed creation, and the allaince membership went up to 5, but which is now slowly growing into a bigger allaicne but slowly. The United Purple nations attacked one of the member nations of the RAC, on a form that there constitution states that they can tech raid allainces with lower membership than 4 nations. A crisis meetign was called by the RAC councail and the defcon level allaicen wide was rasied to defcon 2, with the minister of defence askign for a full counter attack. After a heated debate the President over ruled the descion and then procceded to have enter diplomatic talks with the United Purple Alliance, and the forgien minister of the UPA said that there was a mistake that the attacking nation should have checked before attacking the RAC nation. Witht his assuerd the descion was made to decleare peace on both sides and reperations began beign discuseed accordingly, with the prospect of both allainces enetering a milatary allaince with each other under discusion at the moment. The defcon level was then placed back to 5 and the Crisis was everted into escalating into a bigger action.

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