The Prussian Empire
TPE Motto: Suum Cuique
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) CnaedmacAilpn
Founded 7 November 2015
Leader(s) König: CnaedmacAilpn
1st Erakian Ministry

Kanzler: Erakian
Finanzminister: Musketeer
Innenminister: Heinrich I
Außenminister: Erakian

Kriegsminister: CneadmacAilpn
Green Senate None

AllianceStats Statistics as of 29 September, 2016

Total Nations 16
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 32,644
Nukes 50
Aid Efficiency 6 / 62
Score 2.17
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The Prussian Empire (TPE) is an Green sphere alliance founded on the November 7, 2015. Rooted strongly in the teachings of the Prussian state, The Prussian Empire strives to show the good of the old Kingdom of Prussia, through military strength, diplomatic prowess, and a spirit of united camaraderie. The official name of the alliance is The Prussian Empire, however it is also known as The Empire by its members and TPE by people outside the alliance.The Prussian Empire was founded by König CneadmacAilpn of Clanadonia.

International RelationsEdit

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