TPC Rogue War
Part of the TPC Troubles
Date 5th Jan 2011 - 16th Jan 2011
Casus belli Alleged internal dispute.
Result TPC Victory / 2 Rogues and Littles Death cease to exist

The Peoples Community
TPC Norm

Minor Involvement
The Phoenix Federation

Kingdom of Hyrule

The Peoples Community Rogues
TPC Norm

Littles Death
Placeholder Flag


TPC Norm LittleRena

TPC Norm alexo14467

Nations Fighting: 12 Nations Fighting: 5

The TPC Rogue war was seen by some as an internal dispute while internally it was seen as three members going rogue on the leader, LittleRena. The battle was nuclear with the upper teir nations. The battle lasted 11 days, 7 days for the initial wars and the remaining 4 days where to pile on pressure for the rogues to stand down.

Third Party Involvement Edit

TPF aided TPC in this battle military due to the lack of upper teir nations within TPC. KoH also dispaced a few nations as a result of alexo14467 attempting to bribe some of their members in fighting for him.

Littles Death Edit

The alliance under the name Littles Death was blitzed by the lower teir of TPC in order to prevent them from becoming a threat to the alliance as well.

Result Edit

The war ended with alexo agreeing to pay 9m/150t however was later deleted along with one other rogue and the nations of Littles Death.
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