The Pacific Press
Type Alliance Newsletter
Format Web Publication
Copy Editor Letum
Founded Late 2007
Alliance New Pacific Order
Circulation 2007 - Present

The Pacific Press is a regular newspaper in the New Pacific Order, founded in late 2007. It was initially published as series of newsletter, but was formatted later into newspaper publication which issues new articles without certain regularity – depending on the crew’s level of activities. The Press is owned by Pacific News Network, a part of Writing Division in Media Affairs.

The Press covers topics about internal events in Pacifica, but has recently introduced a new monthly periodical, called The Pacific Press International, which focuses on Cyberverse politics. The two versions are posted in Body Republic section of NPO forum and Cyber Nations forums (OWF), respectively. The Pacific Press also released Special Edition from time to time as commemoration of important events, such as the Karma War and the August Revolution.



The Pacific Press serves as a central news publication for members of the New Pacific Order to stop by and read about the recent happenings in their alliance. The Press covers a wide range of topics. It includes governmental affairs such as imperial announcements, changes in departments, debates on certain policies, election result analysis, and many more.

Articles that will usually gather a larger audience due to controversy or a well written style are published as stand alone pieces under the title of "PNN Special Reports."

Other EditionsEdit

The leadership of NPO Media Corps may sometimes order the Pacific Press Special Issue to be produced in order to celebrate or commemorate certain significant occasions, notably the Karma War and the August Revolution. The Special Edition features contributions from various writers with relevant images.

The Wartime Pacific Press was considered a unique experience. Publishing from April - June 2009, the Pacific Press was diverted to the Wartime Pacific Press to reflect the ongoing crisis that had gripped Francograd.

PNN International has been created, to once again share internal news abroad. This new publication was put in motion by Emperor Cortath as one of the first changes he made in Media upon receiving the sash of his office.

Other Pacific News Network PublicationsEdit

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