The Overtime Accords

New Pacific Order
Mushroom Kingdom
New MK Flag
Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence, and Sadism

Treaty Type: NAP/ODP
Treaty Signed: 2 May 2011
Treaty Terminated: 29 November 2011
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Overtime Accords were the surrender terms for the New Pacific Order and allies to end the 98 day long war. It also was the NAP/ODP treaty instituted per the surrender terms between the New Pacific Order and the Doom House signatories: Umbrella, Mushroom Kingdom, and GOONS. It was announced on 2 May 2011 and automatically expired 6 months after the "Limited War" was concluded on 29 November 2011.

The Overtime Accords Edit

Preamble Edit

The New Pacific Order, The Legion, Regnum Invictorum, Sanitarium, Cult of Justitia, Molon Labe, The Sasori Initiative, The Phoenix Federation, 64Digits, SNAFU, Kerberos Nexus, and NADC hereby admit total defeat to the combined forces of Umbrella, Mushroom Kingdom, GOONS, The International, the Orange Defense Network, Athens, =LOST=, the Greenland Republic, FOK, the Federation of Armed Nations, The Order of the Paradox, Alchemy, Nordreich, and the Viridian Entente.

Immediate Cessation of Hostilities Edit

1. The Legion, Regnum Invictorum, Sanitarium, Cult of Justitia, Molon Labe, The Sasori Initiative, 64Digits, SNAFU, Kerberos Nexus, and NADC shall cease all attacks on the victorious parties immediately. The victorious parties shall do the same in turn. 2. The Legion, Regnum Invictorum, Sanitarium, Cult of Justitia, Molon Labe, The Sasori Initiative, 64Digits, SNAFU, Kerberos Nexus, and NADC agree to not re-enter the war with financial or military aid for any reason and on any front that can be tangentially related back to the primary conflict. Should one of the victors extend the war beyond the 21 days, this term shall be waived.

Reparations Edit

  • 1. The Legion, The Phoenix Federation, Regnum Invictorum, Cult of Justitia, The Sasori Initiative, 64Digits, Sanitarium, NADC, and SNAFU, (Henceforth referred to as Team Rocket) shall pay $2,427,000,000 to The Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence, and Sadism.
    • 1a. This will be paid in a total of 809 aid slots of $3 million each.
    • 1b. This will be paid over a maximum period of 15 cycles, with a minimum of 20% (485,400,000) being paid every 3 cycles.
    • 1c. Each cycle will have an agreed upon start date set between GOONS and the alliance sending the aid, each alliance's cycle is independent of one another.
  • 2. Over the course of the reparations the payers will be allocated 162 slots that they can be 5 days or more late on.
    • 2a. For every late slot after the allocated 162, an additional $3,000,000 will be added to the cumulative terms.
  • 3. Reparations payments shall commence no later than thirty days after the date on which the limited war is over. Team Rocket must pay all reparations within four months thereafter.
  • 4. GOONS will give the target list to Team Rocket three days before the beginning of each cycle.
    • 4a. Should GOONS fail to be on time for a particular round, Team Rocket will be given an additional day per day GOONS are late.
    • 4b. GOONS will confirm that target lists have been given to the correct official before starting the countdown mentioned in article 2.
  • 5. GOONS shall individually ensure that their agreed aid recipients have enough aid slots open for the first five days of each payment cycle to receive their assigned aid.
  • 6. Aid that has been offered to an agreed aid recipient, but expires without being canceled due to GOONS failing to accept shall be considered a slot paid in full as long as it is GOONS' fault. (It wouldn't be GOONS fault should the sender not have 3 mil on hand).
  • 7. Alexander Kerenksy shall create a Microsoft™Paint picture using the theme "Let the Wookie Win" for =LOST=.
  • 8. The New Pacific Order will give The Federation of Armed Nations one pretzel.
  • 9. If a war is declared after the final completion of the war, reparations are to be paid to the alliance whose member was attacked, provided the war last longer than a single update. Below 10k the war is to be handled on a case-by-case basis. 12m is to be paid for wars above 10K, and 15m is to be paid for wars above 80K.

Apology Edit

CoJ recognizes that their actions in this war, including the infiltration of a spy into ODN, and the threatening/misleading of the ODN applicant pool and ODN protectorate were wrong. CoJ hereby apologizes for said behavior.

Limited War Edit

  • 1. Umbrella, The Mushroom Kingdom, GOONS, The Federation of Armed Nations, Nordreich and the New Pacific Order & The Phoenix Federation will engage in a limited war.
  • 2. For this limited war the New Pacific Order will bring out from peace mode a total of 1,800,000 NS.
    • 2a. This NS will be broken down into two ranges. 1,000,000 NS must be brought out from nations above 80K NS, and 800,000 NS must be brought out from nations between 50K NS and 80K NS.
    • 2b. The NS values used will be those at the signing of this document.
  • 3. Each nation that leaves peace mode in accordance with this limited war will fight for 21 days straight.
  • 4. No new alliances may declare on the New Pacific Order or The Phoenix Federation for the duration of the limited war.
  • 5. After the 21 day limited war has expired for all nations who had to leave peace mode as part of terms, all hostilities against the New Pacific Order and The Phoenix Federation will immediately cease.
  • 6. Should DH/FAN/NoR continue the war after the agreed upon period (on a large scale, not a few late attacks), the reparations will be waived.

Treaty Edit

In order to grant the New Pacific Order the opportunity to rebuild and recover, after the "Limited War" is finished, Umbrella, The Mushroom Kingdom, and GOONS (Doomhouse) will enter a six month period of non aggression with The New Pacific Order. Furthermore, during these six months, the two parties (Doomhouse and The New Pacific Order) will also have the option of defending one another should one come under attack. This treaty may not be cancelled, but will automatically expire 180 days after the limited war finishes.

Signatories of DH & Allies Edit

For the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism Edit

For the Mushroom Kingdom Edit

For Umbrella Edit

the Federation of Armed Nations Edit

For The Order of the Paradox Edit

For Nordreich Edit

For The Orange Defense Network Edit

For Athens Edit

For FOK Edit

For the Viridian EntenteEdit

For =LOST= Edit

For The International Edit

  • The Congress of the International

For Greenland Republic Edit

  • Shamed, Archon of the Greenland Republic

For Alchemy Edit

  • Archmage, Founder & Minister of War
  • Becks For Dinner, Founder & Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Kae Lee, Founder & Minister of Finance
  • King John Philos VI, Founder & Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signatories of NPO & Allies Edit

For the New Pacific Order Edit

Dragon Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Reformed Neutral Menace

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order

For The Phoenix Federation Edit

Evil Overlord, Peddler of Death

For the North Atlantic Defense Coalition Edit

  • tony2456, Secretary General
  • Atlantic Council
    • Kochers, Minister of Foreign Affairs
    • Dark Wizard, Minister of Internal Affairs
    • AndrewHG, Military Operations Commander
    • Bosox Nation, Minister of Finance
    • Kajdav, Elected Councillor
    • Legend, Elected Councillor
    • Nadjia, Elected Councillor
    • Emperor of Babanga, Elected Councillor

For Molon Labe Edit

For Regnum Invictorum Edit

  • Nascar8FanGA, President of Invicta, Master of Left turns, and Maker of Rainbow Trees.
  • Dan2680, President of Invicta, Emperor of the Icecream Cabinet, Master of Right Hand Turns and Long Straight Aways
  • ShotgunWilly, Vice President and Chancellor of the Exchequer, Apprentice of Left Turns, Right Turns, and Long *Straight Aways, Master of Short Straight Aways, and Resident Facepalmer
  • Buddyboyrollin of US2000 Minister of War
  • Thrash, Minister of Foreign Affairs and A Little Bit More Than The Law Will Allow
  • Lrz, Mnstr f ntrnl ffrs, Dstryr f Vwls
  • Jorost of the Triune Republic, former Head of State and current Wanderer in a Shadowy World That Does Not Exist
  • m3g4tr0n of Kazarkan, Peer of the Realm

For SNAFU Edit

  • Stetson of Axeland, Grand FUBAR of SNAFU

For the Cult of Justitia Edit

For The Sasori Initiative Edit

  • The Kougou, Shurukian
  • The Shogun, Chunky Monkey
  • The Gaikou Daijin, Kharn
  • The Eichi Daijin, Lord Cyvole

For 64Digits Edit

For Sanitarium Edit

For The Legion Edit

  • totem, Imperator
  • Alexander Kerensky, Proconsul
  • Siaon, Minister of Defense
  • MeltedLazerz, Minister of Economics
  • Assarax, Minister of Foreign Affairs

For Kerberos Nexus Edit

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