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The Order of Grämlins

The Order of Grämlins Official Flag
Team Color [[File:{{{team}}} team.gif]] Aqua and Orange
Founded March 31, 2009

AllianceStats Statistics as of March 31, 2009

Total Nations 129
Strength 9,042,201
Avg. Strength 70,095
Score 31.56

The Order of Grämlins was a partial merger and splinter alliance created by members of The Order of the Paradox and The Grämlins for April Fools' Day 2009.

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1. PreambleEdit

The Order of Grämlins (TOG) is an independent and peaceful alliance. This union of nations is created to uphold mature values of honor, fairness, honesty, excellence, goodness and benevolence. Every member shall be a paradigm of these values, every member is obligated by law to follow them and aim to help the greater whole of the alliance with his actions.

2. MembershipEdit

All members must fly the AA of The Order of Grämlins. To apply you must attack the person immediately below you in-game (in terms of NS/rank) and post your battle reports in this thread. If the person immediately below you in rank/NS is a member of TOG attack the next person that is not a member of TOG. Once you have done so, we the members, will vote on whether or not you shal be allowed in on a majority rule basis.

3. VotingEdit

Every member has a vote. 1 member = 1 vote. In all things, the majority vote wins.

4. WarEdit

Touch us and get hit with nooks. There will be no diplomatic talks until you have taken a nook.

5. Removal from the allianceEdit

If you do not conduct yourself in a proper way then you can be put up for expulsion by any member. It will be voted on and if the majority vote you're out, well you're out.

6. Foreign PolicyEdit

The only treaties that will be signed will be MDAP. If you don't want to roll with us, both attacking and defending, we're not up for us to be allies. We can still be friends and all, but our allies roll together in all things.

7. WondersEdit

All nations will have a Manhattan Project as soon as possible and a full arsenal of nukes. All nations will not buy FAC's (unless admin changes them to make them not broken anymore).


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