The Old Norse Confederate Part II

Flag of Valhalla
NAC2 flag

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 29, Jan 2012
Treaty Status: Active

Text of the Treaty Edit

The Old Norse Confederate Part II

We the undersigned hereby agree to the following

We shall not steal or loot from the others stash.

We agree to make sure thet the others cup will always be refilled if and when other sees it running dry.

Either party will promptly inform the other if we catch wind of a third party willing to come and take said booty from the other.

If and when the time comes when anyone attempts to pilfer from the other, we shall rise up as one to defend the others bounty

If the time comes when one or the other decide that the still has run low the other shall be encouraged to come ride as one to pillager the commoners.

If either party wants to pack up and leave, it is required that the other sends a message in a bottle for the other to read 72 hours prior to their ships departure

Signed on this day the 29th of January of the year 2012


Signed for Valhalla, Edit

Tronix - Regent
Levistus - Vice Regent
bud - Marshal
Jesper - Security Consul
ChairmanHal - Chancellor
Keshav - Emissary
Gambona - Vanir

Signed for The North American Confederacy,Edit

Triumvirate: Thom98, Shavar, Rattlehead

Resigned for Asgaard:Edit

The Aesir:
Mustakrakish II
Commander Thrawn
The Vanir:
Cheshire Cat

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