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The Octavius Incident was a conflict between Octavia, Wakalokia, and multiple New Pacific Order nations.

The conflict began in early April 2012 when Octavia was first created. The young nation, not knowing of the consequences of attacking nations in alliances, raided and nearly destroyed PresidentProTempore, a weaker NPO nation.

About a month later, the TalRe Republic of the New Pacific Order coordinated multiple attacks onto the nation of Octavia. Octavia was nearly ZIed, and plead for peace multiple times before being almost completely destroyed.

Nearly two weeks later, Octavia contacted a nation known as Wakalokia, who was in the alliance known as Sovrana, ruled by Rotavele. Octavia offered aid in exchange for spy attacks onto the NPO. Soon after, Wakalokia began several successful spy attacks onto the TalRe Republic and multiple NPO nations. Wakalokia began to make the attacks more frequent, and was eventually caught.

Soon, Sovrana contacted Wakalokia, telling him more than 9 million was paid in reparations. Rotavele told Waka Pola, ruler of Wakalokia, to "make sure it wouldn't happen again."

Sovrana eventually merged with Bal Masqué, and Wakalokia chose to step out. Wakalokia thought that the New Pacific Order would not attack, because he was told that more than $9,000,000 was paid in reparations to the NPO nations he spied on.

At that time, two things might have occurred. Either Rotavele lied to Wakalokia about paying reparations, or the NPO ignored the cash they were given and raided Wakalokia.

Wakalokia was attacked by the TalRe Republic and two other NPO nations. The TalRe Republic, led by PEshang, remained strong and powerful throughout the engagement, but the other two nations were anarchied by Wakalokia. Wakalokia eventually fled to the International for protection. Although he joined the International, the alliance offered no help, and demanded he would stop attacks on the NPO and wait for the wars to be over.

Wakalokia gave this statement about the Octavius Incident after fighting in the Dave War:

The Octavius Incident was a purely stupid and pointless engagement. There were many nations that were devastated and the New Pacific Order should be taken accountable for the cruel acts in which they bestowed.

The NPO has given no statement on why they attacked Wakalokia.

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