This alliance has disbanded.
The Oasis

The Oasis Official Flag
The Oasis Motto: None
Team Color Multicolored team Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Balthazar Badger
Founded Info has been lost with time
International relations none
Notes The Oasis fell into shambles and after attacks by MCXA and SOUL for spying. The Oasis disbanded and Surrendered one day later.

AllianceStats Statistics as of 7/29/07

Total Nations 0
Strength 0
Avg. Strength 0
Nukes 0
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Ex-Retired Alumni Council Edit

Corey Faith, Yondaime Nara, Ledzeplin, Supa_troop3r, Rayvon, Silent_01, Relapse, Drall, Arturion, Mr. Scotty, TiTaN, Rixstera7x, TheStarCraft, Giantsfansvs, Noodle, Merihell List being updated...

First SOUL War Edit

After a an allegedly corrupt election, a couple of members of Oasis decided they had enough of Corey faith. These members left to form a new alliance,Sentinels of Unity and Liberty or SOUL. A couple days after the announcement of SOUL, Oasis was presented with IRC logs of SOUL members trying to recruit a current Oasis member, Drall. The next evening, Oasis, who outnumbered SOUL 15-1 hit SOUL with an update blitz, putting most of SOUL's nations into anarchy. The Holy Kingdom of SVS, ruled by Giantsfansvs, was one of the only nations to not surrender or agree to peace terms.

Second SOUL War Edit

After the first SOUL War life continued on for Oasis as normal. Arturion and Drall both got together to discuss the actions of the current leader Corey Faith. Both didn't like his governing style. After discussing it a bit and including Noodle and Merihell in the discussion it was determined that they would leave to form NOI (the New Order of Independence). 24 hours after leaving and may members defecting to NOI, SOUL saw their change to take action to repay Oasis for the First SOUL War.

Drall, now of NOI felt that they should return to defend Oasis. The rest of the ruling console didn't agree. Corey Faith admitted defeat and let Oasis die.

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