The Novikov Self-Consistency Treaty

The Order of the Paradox
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Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: October 3rd, 2009

Article One: Non-AggressionEdit

I. The signatories of this pact pledge to desist from committing any act of espionage, attack or other malicious action upon each other.

II. If disagreements between the signatories arise, they pledge their commitment to solving these disagreements by discussing and debating such issues in a civil way. And that any such discussion will be kept private between the signatories.

Article Two: CooperationEdit

I. The signatories of this pact pledge to cooperate and help each other during peace-time where possible. This shall include but is not limited to technical information, mutually beneficial trading, organizational assistance and diplomatic support.

II. Either signatory may request monetary aid from the other signatory at any time. Neither signatory is obligated to grant such a request, however it is encouraged to unless it is either unable to grant it, or it feels that fulfilling the request would defy the spirit of the treaty.

III. The signatories of this pact pledge that any information regarding a threat to, or possible attack upon, either signatory is required to be shared between the signatories immediately.

Article Three: DefenceEdit

I. The signatories do pledge that an attack on one of our alliances shall immediately bring the full force and wrath of our combined military upon the attacker. Neither signatory shall be required to provide assistance if the other signatory becomes involved in a conflict arising through treaties with other alliances, this treaty declares that it is an option for a signatory to enter into the defence of the other in this circumstance. Actions of an offensive nature shall not bring this treaty into activation.

Article Four: Revision and TerminationEdit

I. This pact may be amended at any time and in any way by the express consent of both signatories and their respective representatives.

II. This pact may be terminated at the desire of either signatory. The terminating signatory must inform the other signatory with a clear explanation of their justification privately. Upon this notice of cancellation, the treaty shall remain in effect for a forty eight hour period, followed by a one hundred and twenty hour non-aggression period during which neither signatory may attack the other.


Signed for the Order of the Paradox,Edit

Saber, Grand Master

Longbowe, Grand Hospitaller

Coursca, Grand Chancellor

Signed for Kronos,Edit

Epiphanus, Harbinger of Light

Heracles the Great, Harbinger of Light

White Majik, Harbinger of Light

Masterof9Puppets, Harbinger of War

Lazarus Long, Harbinger of Prosperity


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