After stating he intended to go to sleep in Kashmir's public channel,.Jason8 was attacked by FiringLine of Doom Squad on 27th February 2021 after Arnav The Great of Wayward Sons fuelled discussion of a conspiracy to sabotage Jason's nation without shame in this public domain. The consensus amongst Kashmir's populace were that these plans were garbage and unlikely to come to fruition.

For those who did not know, Arnav The Great is the ruler of nation Estonburgh, one of the greatest nations in the game. His alliance, Wayward Sons is a protectorate of CLAWS and is a great alliance. Arnav The Great is by far the greatest person mentioned on this page.

The victim in his waking state.

FiringLine defied everyone's expectations and targetted his unconscious victim at 10:26:36PM, taking direction from Arnav's many obscene dictations. Citing 'FOR ARNAV' as his justification, the aggressor manufactured his nation's war declaration soon after; spurred into action by exclamations so condemnable that they need not be mentioned further.

Considering his own intentions compassionate in the assault of Jason8; the effort he underwent to honour this random stranger soon landed him in the gutter.

It's unknown how often he will imagine the redaction of such provocation in the future.

Blinded by both rage and an inherent sadism; Arnav The Great initiated the conquest of his enemy ; striking the enfeebled green creature Kashmir considers its crown prince at his most vulnerable point. The manoeuvrability and plausible deniability maintained throughout the campaign of FiringLine's commander was commended by two people as being 'spectacular'. However, many caustic syntactic tactics also came into play here.

Arnav The Great [16:12]: Bro

Arnav The Great [16:12]:I just joked about war for a bit.

Arnav The Great [16:12]:U escelated it lol.

Further encouragement to his subordinate (FiringLine) included:

Arnav The Great [22:18]: Actually, I vote yes for nook. NUKE HIM, NUKE HIM

The skirmish and its gory details.

With the co-conspirators seemingly unwilling to register that neither were nuclear capable, diplomacy was completely out of the question. The coercion inferred by both collusions during this excursion could bring an individual to a point of inescapable nihilism.

Jason8 [22:18]: meh, I’m going to bed, Night guys.

FiringLine [22:19] wow I thought you had thrown me under the bus before @Arnav The Great, who needs enemies when you have friends like what's their alliance again?

FiringLine [22:20]: wayfair furniture? is that what they're called @Jason8

Arnav The Great [22:24]: Wayward Sons lolllllllllll, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, NUKE HIMMMMMM, Please?

FiringLine [22:26]: wow, I declared war FOR YOU, mr wayfair furniture.

Arnav The Great [22:26]: Oh u did? Aw ok... FUCK U JASON, GO FIRING LINE

FiringLine [22:27]: my war reason was literally "for ARNAV" you jerk

Socially engineered and goaded to further extremes by Arnav The Great, FiringLine went about initiating a Cold War with his unconscious nemesis, leaving Kashmir fearing banishment from however one would describe this absurd power fantasy sphere.

FiringLine [22:39]: yeah cruise missiles, i'm shooting 50 cruise missiles right at ninja's face. if jason nukes me.

Arnav The Great  [22:40]: U can only launch 2 a day tho, how will u launch 50

FiringLine [22:40]: by launching 50 instead of 2

Arnav The Great [22:41]:  Nah, during an attack , u can only press 'launch cruise missiles' twice, I still dont get how to do more than 2

Arnav The Great [22:41]: You may launch up to 2 cruise missile attacks per battle front per day.  @FiringLine

FiringLine[22:43]: I'll find a way

Arnav The Great [22:43]:: lolll have u ever launched cruise missiles before?

FiringLine [22:43]: not yet

During this period of time, defensive wars were declared on firing line by SirWilliam of Kashmir, Lucius Optimus of The Imperial Entente and Defiled, who decidedly messed up the stagger. The Kashmir Recognition of War was one evenly stated, even in a situation as RADical as this one.

The relationship between Arnav and FiringLine began to feel the strain, ten hours into a war so far absent of bloodshed.

Arnav The Great [07:01]: To be fair tho, I did say "Fuck off Jason" and asked Someone to nuke him instead of u. I didnt realise u were on my side

Arnav The Great [07:02]: Until it was too late

FiringLine [07:02]: I declared war at your request, and u threw me under the bus!

Fearing the consequences of his ostentatious actions, FiringLine pleaded for peace agreements with every benevolent nation intervening in these unprecedented, callous acts against a creature of neutrality. Until this point, no damage was inflicted to any of the war's participants. Peace was seemingly on the horizon, until the victim of this reasonless crusade was rudely awoken.

FirlingLine getting rolled yo

Jason8 [07:05]: I slept like a baby

Such positivity was short-lived. Tensions were sky-high for FiringLine, who was beginning to acknowledge the possibility of being nuked into submission.

FiringLine [07:18]: @Arnav The Great nah Kashmir and I are gonna peace out today

FiringLine[07:18]: right Jason?

Arnav The Great [07:18]: Oh nice if u do, Lets see what the Green Blob says

(Green blob is a term of endearment referencing the mind controlling MK Ultra trigger Jason8 uses as an avatar.)

Jason8 [07:19]: It'd be an interesting turn of events

It was at this point FiringLine described how he became involved with Cybernations, attempting to invoke a sense of sentimentality between himself and the ruler whom he had so recently persecuted indiscriminately.

FiringLine[07:26]: I 'm so new to the game that the guy CURRENTLY NUKING ME is probably the person I've interacted with the most

FiringLine [07:27]:Honestly I dunno I somehow found this game and Politics & War at the same time

FiringLine [07:27]: I ended up deleting on that one pretty quick but had a fun war with @Jason8 and he badgered me about Discord and then I got involved enough that I kept playing this one lmao

It was at this point the two opponents stumbled upon some common ground, although Jason8 exhibited nothing symptomatic of Stockholm syndrome.

Jason8[07:26]: Ain't it great?

But unfortunately, communication once again became cryptic, centric around juvenile egotism.

FiringLine [07:28]: I wouldn't really call it a 'war

Jason8 [13:29]: Hell yeah

The catastrophe enveloped the server, developing synonymously with FiringLine's disappointment. Putting on a brave face for those in discord was painstaking for him. With his nation facing Armageddon, speaking trivialities with spectators moved by morbid curiosity wasn't a possibility.

FiringLine[07:30]: Your nation has been attacked with nuclear weapons in a standard nuclear attack by Jason8. You lost 45076 soldiers

FiringLine [07:30]:Damn

FiringLine [07:30]: I'm good

The nuke splattered across FiringLine's face and neck.

The façade soon faltered, however and Arnav’s duplicity throughout the entirety of the dispute only added to his minion’s frustration.

FiringLine[07:30]: I had 1 soldier deployed. That poor son of a bitch.

FiringLine[07:30]: "Return to your nation - you've been nuked!" gets redeployed home, the other 45,076 soldiers have all died.

FiringLine[07:30]: All of them.

FiringLine[07:30]: He is now the military.

Feeling interconnected with the horrors Francesca suffered during The Popcorn War, FiringLine was admirably bold and made informed efforts to uncover loopholes.

Jason8[07:41]: Francesca

FiringLine[07:41]: moldavi doctrine. I saw it somewhere on the wiki

It was at this point communications became covert and likely heated, with the pride and online integrity of everyone present at stake.  Thankfully Ninja R intervened, appropriating the reparations necessary to placate every party affected by these recent atrocities.

Ninja R [12:36]: so FiringLine owes Johnny Apocalypse 14 tech he destroyed of mime

Ninja R[12:36]: I'll declare peace once they make arrangements

FiringLine [12:44]: LOL

FiringLine[12:44]: Sure one Jason pays DBDC the 25 tech of mine he destroyed

Jason8 [12:44]: I destroyed zero tech

Ninja R [12:45]: that'll be between you two

Jason8[12:45]:  My nuke, however

Ninja R [12:45] I'll just let you and JA work out how you want to get his tech to him

defiled [12:45] are you requesting repayment for the nuke

FiringLine[12:45]: I have a solution.

FiringLine[12:46]: Jason sends 14 tech to JA, I forgive the additional 11 owed to me out of good will

FiringLine[12:58] meh, the only one with any balls to actually declare is me

It was thought that this marked the end of The Nothing Too Terrible War, with it being determined that Johnny Apocalypse was to be the recipient of 14.0 technology sent by Jason8. How these figures were calculated, nobody knows. It turned out FL sent him 100 and wasn't all that pedantic about it.

Arnav The Great and FiringLine were both ambitious and ruthless in their crusade to upset the sleeping green blob known as Jason8.

Bringing devastation to their opponent in the midst of an economic downturn and faltering trade circles, it was a traumatic time for every party involved.

Dissatisfied with the quantity of nukes Jason had sent throughout this prolonged conflict, Defiled re-entered the war at 3/2/2021 6:17:26 PM, risking exile and global war in this strike against FiringLine, forgetting Guerilla Camps; a typical error to make for an individual inexperienced with text based warfare. Kashmir once again became harmonious upon FiringLine paying the appropriate reparations to someone owed tech. Or something.

Since the war, Jason8 has maintained a white whomp monster avatar representative of him waving the white flag as his friend of 10+ years got CM'd into the ground (designed by Lenin); whilst Arnav The Great continues to warp the hearts and minds of political entities across the sphere without consequence.

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