Neutrality Rodeo
Part of the End Times
Date June 23 - July 23rd
Casus belli Neutrality of GPA/FAN
Status Resolved
Preceded by
FTW-Kashmir War
Succeeded by
Nom De Jour War
Linked and Sub-Conflicts
Caustic's Balls of IRON
Nom Du Jour Flag
Cowboys/Boogie Nights/DGeneration X/et. al.
Green Protection Agency

Gpaflag Federation of Armed Nations

The Neutrality Rodeo was a war between Cowboys and GPA and FAN .


After Umbrella had reduced Hime to less than 10k tech, Roquentin (Monster) wanted to disband the alliance as he had planned for months before. Natan refused and pressured Roquentin into waiting several months and planning an offensive against GPA nations that had sat in peace mode during the previous war against GPA. This was to take place when Natan's summer vacation started. Roquentin's goal of a quiet disbandment was frustrated.

Distraught and not wanting Umbrella to continue to exist as a shell, Roquentin went along with the idea in hopes that a GPA rolling would satisfy the need for closure and exited Oculus and ended the use of the Umbrella name and started Cowboys as a paperless group. GPA unfortunately did not fight back much and complained about how unfair it was or, in their words, pointed out that Umbrella had broken the peace deal they had previously signed. Both sides maintained anyway a relaxed and casual attitude during all the talks. Belisarius in particular made fun of the Umbrellaellaellas for having chosen peaceful neutrals of all possible targets for their last hurrah - not exactly Spartanish - and well yes he was also upset he couldn't be a big whale. Everybody had a laugh. After a week, peace was agreed on the condition that a few GPA nations would have fought for a little longer. Cowboys then hit FAN who had done nothing for years for fun. FAN also proved to be boring, so Cowboys started hitting a different set of alliances with more treaty ties.

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