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Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: July 18th, 2007
Treaty Terminated: January 14th, 2010

As sovereign alliances bound by common purpose and friendship, The Order of Paradox (TOP) and the Grämlins have for a long time shared good relations. In order to solidify those relations, both alliances do hereby proclaim that they shall co-operate in times of war to ensure their mutual defence.

Article 1: Mutual FriendshipEdit

Both TOP and The Grämlins agree to not flame, bait or outright insult each other - be it on the CN forums or in private - but rather act in a respectful manner, even if the other party may have offended them in whatever way.

Article 2: IntelligenceEdit

Both signatories agree to share any intelligence they have obtained and that could prove useful or vital to the other. Helping one another in counter-espionage is vital to ensure the safety of both signatories, therefore TOP and The Grämlins will do everything possible to protect their partner from espionage.

If either signatory alliance collects intelligence regarding a security breach or a credible threat concerning the other signatory alliance, the acquiring signatory alliance will convey all pertinent information in their possession to the other signatory alliance.

However, information provided by third parties, which are bound to one of the signatories by other agreements and have declared said information as "confidential", cannot be shared without explicit permission of these third parties.

Article 3: Non-AggressionEdit

Both signatories agree to not, under any circumstances, attack any member of the other party. Should a member launch an attack on a signatory, the offender's alliance is responsible for stopping the attacks immediately and offering adequate reparations.

Article 4: Mutual DefenseEdit

Should any of the signatories come under the attack of any third party, they may request assistance by the other signatory to repel said attack. Both signatories must obey said request for assistance with financial aid and/or military action.

Article 5: Mutual AggressionEdit

Both signatories may request the other to jointly enter a war with any third party or request funding for said war.

Following the request is, however, voluntarily.

Article 6: Special TreatmentEdit

In recognition of Grämlins extraordinary allergies, TOP agrees to not spill water on any Grämlin, or feed them after midnight and to (forcefully) stop any person who tries that.

Article 7: CancellationEdit

If a signatory decides to cancel this agreement, it must give the other party a 72h notice prior to the official cancelation.



Signed for TOPEdit

Gustav II Adolf - Grandmaster
daedalus -Grand Hospitaller
Bodvar Jarl - Grand Chancellor
TonytheTiger - Grand Treasurer
Saber - Grand Defender
DukeWilliam - Grand Inductor
Punkbob- Councilor-at-Large

Signed for GrämlinsEdit

Adhambek - Praetor
Hellangel - Executor
Steelrat - Judicator
BobJanova, Council Of Archons
JMM, Council Of Archons


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