The Lone Star Protectorate

New Pacific Order

Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Signed: October 30, 2011
Treaty Terminated: Unknown
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Lone Star Protectorate was a Protectorate agreement between the New Pacific Order and Solitude. It was announced alongside Solitude's declaration of existence on October 15, 2011.

The Lone Star ProtectorateEdit


In the interest of friendship and growth of both parties, The New Pacific Order and Solitude, agree to the following terms:

Article I - Don't talk back to your parents!Edit

The New Pacific Order and Solitude agree to adhere to a policy of non-aggression towards each other. Neither will engage in military actions for, or any economic or political aid to, an enemy of the other.

Article II - My dad can beat up your dad!Edit

The New Pacific Order shall defend the nations of Solitude provided they abide by the terms outlined in this document. This defense by the New Pacific Order shall consist of, but not be limited to, military, political, and economic assistance as necessary. However, if Solitude should instigate or engage in hostile behavior (as perceived by the New Pacific Order) of any type towards a third party, this document will be made null and void at the discretion of the Emperor of the NPO.

Article III - Sharin' is carin', unless its FarrinEdit

Both the New Pacific Order and Solitude agree to not engage in espionage against, and will make all efforts to provide information relevant to the interests of, the other.

Article IV - Mom! Sign my permission slip!Edit

Solitude shall consult with and seek the approval of the Emperor of the New Pacific Order, or her authorized representatives, for all foreign affairs decisions that could impact both of the Parties. This is to include: any declarations of war, wartime aid or aid which might be reasonably assumed to be high-risk, and the signing of treaties. To this end, both of the Parties will be strongly encouraged to maintain high levels of communication with each other.

Article V - Can I have a pony?Edit

The New Pacific Order agrees to buy Solitude a pony.

Article VI - Boarding School!?! D:Edit

Should either The New Pacific Order or Solitude wish to end this treaty, they may do so at any time by serving notice to the other, with the terms of this agreement to remain in effect for seven days. This article is considered void should Solitude engage in hostilities as outlined in Article II.

Signed for Solitude,

Emperor of Solitude

Signed for the New Pacific Order,

Mary the Fantabulous,
Dragon Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Reformed Neutral Menace

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order
Sword of the Order

Farrin Xies,
Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs
Purveyor of an FA Direction

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