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Merge sign Merge notice
This alliance merged to become part of The Templar Knights.

Merger occurred on/around April 6, 2014
More info is available here.

The Last Republic

Official Flag of the Last Republic Tlrsealfullwiki.png
De facto Seal of TLR TLR Warflag1wiki
War Flag of TLR

Alliance Information
Motto Anima de aquila
Website TLR Forums
IRC Channel #lastrepublic (on Coldfront)
Team Color Purple
Founded 14 October 2010
Founders sojourner, stockhunter, Rustikus, ACiDNiNE, Jharius II, Mr Havok, Razgriz90, Johnathan Chaos, ScoutX
StockHunter, Vice President
Foreign Affairs
Bernhard Klein, Secretary
Edward Reed, Deputy
MrElastic, Secretary
Vacant, Deputy
Gidget, Secretary
Vacant, Deputy
Bartlet, General
Vacant, Colonel
Alliance Statistics
In-Game Links
S Alliance Statistics
R Member Nations
Last Updated
07 April 2014 (Final)
Average NS
Official Beer

The Last Republic (TLR) is a small alliance on the Purple sphere. TLR was founded 14 October 2010 on the Orange sphere. The alliance disbanded in April 2014.

History Blurb

After spending time together discussing their philosophies and ideas about the mission & goals of a successful alliance (during September 2010), a group of ex-IRON friends decided to create a new alliance which, based on the principles and ideas they shared, could serve as a new home in which to grow and prosper.

Upon posting their Declaration of Existence (link below) on 14 October 2010, the Last Republic signed the Ferrum Act, thereby becoming a protectorate of the Legion. As a protectorate, the alliance grew steadily and peacefully until January 2011 when war broke out around the world (see DH-NPO War). TLR and a coalition of small alliances fought alongside the New Pacific Order against GOONS and the members of the Doom House Accords, but were not ultimately victorious. Nevertheless, post-war reconstruction commenced almost immediately and brought the Republic back to its pre-war standing within a few months.

After brief involvement in The Revolution, now a defunct micro-bloc, TLR sought to focus on strengthening diplomatic ties with their closest allies of the time, the Legion & We Are Perth Army. The Republic declared its independence from protectorate status on 4 July 2011, but maintained strong ties with the Legion until November 2013. After an extended period of time spent working closely with the micro-alliance known as Axis, it was decided to initiate a merge into the Last Republic; the announcement of the merger was posted on 22 September 2011. Some of the newly-acquired members left thereafter to form The Biohazard Corporation, a small black team microalliance.

On 14 October, the Republic celebrated its first anniversary of existence and announced to the planet a switch from the orange sphere to the purple sphere, a change initiated in part by altered in-game trading policy, and partially as a political move to facilitate the creation of a distinct, "TLR identity." A group of ODoAPs was signed with Regnum Invictorum and Menotah. The Grudge War saw activation of the Menotah treaty with respectable results; the treaty was upgraded to an MDoAP at that point. During the second era of reconstruction, The Legion provided a substantial amount of aid as part of a massive plan to help its rather shattered allies. Largely thanks this help, TLR reached its pre-war size (and then some) by April 2012.

On Earth Day, 22 April 2012, the alliance passed into the top 100 alliances and the 900,000 NS mark a few days later. This milestone was met with much raucous behavior and celebration among the Republic's constituent nations. One million NS was passed shortly thereafter. The alliance was to fall, rather significantly, short of this milestone again during the month of August when new reforms were put in place to ensure that most members were active and competent with clicking buttons.

Selected Announcements


Foreign Relations

Defunct Treaties of TLR
Signed Type Flag Signatory Treaty Name Link Cancelled
10.14.2010 Protec LegionFlag The Legion Ferrum Act [1] Upgraded
05.18.2011 ODP KoH2 Kingdom of Hyrule The Revolution (bloc) [2] 07.13.2011
06.14.2011 ODP OrdoTeutonicusFlag Ordo Teutonicus Friends United Accords [3] 08.13.2011
06.14.2011 ODP TSA Flag The Shadow Accord Eagle Accords [4] 08.14.2011
11.25.2011 ODoAP Menotah flag copy Menotah Birds of a Feather [5] Upgraded
11.21.2011 ODoAP Flag of Invicta Invicta From the Horse's Mouth [6] Upgraded
03.20.2012 ODoAP SUN2Flag State of Unified Nations Rise and Shine [7] 08.08.2012
05.24.2012 ODoAP SE1 Shadow Empire The Dark Eagle Accords [8] Merged
01.14.2013 Protec BoSflag Brotherhood of Sithis A Treaty of Protec, &c. [9] 03.26.2013
05.26.2012 ODoAP Flag of The Templar Knights The Templar Knights Knights Riding on Eagles [10] Upgraded
07.15.2013 ODP Tene The Empire of the New Evolution Empire of Eagles [11] Disbanded
07.04.2011 MDoAP LegionFlag The Legion "Where Eagles Dare" Accords [12] 11.06.2013
07.02.2011 MDoAP WAPA2 WAPA Whiskey Accords [13] 04.06.2014
02.15.2012 MDoAP Menotah flag copy Menotah Birds of a Feather 2 [14] 04.06.2014
05.04.2012 MDoAP Flag of Invicta Invicta From the Horse's Mouth 2 [15] 04.06.2014
06.27.2013 MDoAP Flag of The Templar Knights The Templar Knights Knights Riding on Eagles Upgrade [16] 04.06.2014
07.12.2013 PIAT Kortflag Knights of the Round Table PIAT Between KoRT & TLR [17] 04.06.2014

Government History

Government History of TLR
Council President Foreign A. Internal A. Economics Development Defense
Prov. sojourner Mr Havok Razgriz90 Jharius II - StockHunter
I sojourner Mr Havok Razgriz90 Jharius II - Johnathan Chaos
II sojourner Mr Havok Edward Reed Jharius II - Rustikus
III sojourner sojourner Edward Reed - StockHunter Rustikus
IV sojourner sojourner StockHunter - Edward Reed Rustikus
V sojourner sojourner Edward Reed - StockHunter Bernhard Klein
VI sojourner sojourner - StockHunter Brataslavia Bernhard Klein
VII sojourner sojourner - ACiDNiNE Bartlet Feibelman
VIII sojourner mpetes - ACiDNiNE Bartlet Feibelman
IX sojourner mpetes - StockHunter carter0912 Feibelman
X sojourner mpetes - StockHunter Bartlet Feibelman
XI sojourner Bernhard Klein - mpetes Bartlet Feibelman
XII sojourner Bernhard Klein - Lord Markus Bartlet Feibelman
XIII sojourner Bernhard Klein - Lord Markus Gidget Feibelman
XIV sojourner Bernhard Klein - Lord Markus Gidget Bartlet
XV sojourner Bernhard Klein - MrElastic Gidget Bartlet

War History

Wars of TLR
Start End War Allies Adversaries Outcome Medal
01.28.11 03.15.11 DH-NPO NPO Coalition GOONS Defeat The last republic dh-npo war ribbon
12.03.11 01.01.12 Grudge Menotah BFF, The Goonies Defeat The last republic grudge war ribbon
11.10.13 02.04.14 Disorder Invicta & AFM^ GATO Victory The last republic disorder war ribbon

FEAR, NEW, Paragon, URON (and Wolfpack de facto)

^ CRAP, CCC, and others via various chains

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