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The invasion of Tokelau
Part of Great Pacific War
Date June 1st 2011 - ongoing
Location Tokelau

The Republic of Bekolan invade the small island of Tokelau which is currently being occupied by North Korea

Status Ongoing
UvRHr.pngRepublic of Bekolan North Korea.png North Korea
UvRHr.png James Aldridge
UvRHr.png Michael Kenny
UvRHr.pngRichard McAleese
UvRHr.pngJohn Green
UvRHr.png Ben Cole
North Korea.png Kim Jong-il
10,000 soldiers
60 Helicopters
90 Tanks
1,200 soldiers
Casualties and losses
0 0

The Invasion of Tokelau is a battle currently taking place in the small island of Tokelau in the Pacific Ocean between North Korea and the Republic of Bekolan. The battle is apart of the Great Pacific War. It began at around 18:00 on the 1st July and is currently ongoing.

In a news conference at 18:47 in Bekolan, the operations overlooking commander James Aldridge said that they hope to have the island under Bekolanish control by June 3rd. So far North Korea have not released any info regarding the invasion.

The republic of Bekolan have deployed 10,000 soldiers, 60 Helicopters and 90 Tanks to gain control of the island while North Korea only have around 1,200 soldiers and around 6 tanks on the Island.


  • 1st June - Bekolan deploy 10,000 soldiers, 60 Helicopters and 90 Tanks to take control of the small island in the Pacific Island known as Tokelau.
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