Friendship Pact


The undersigned representatives of Leviathan and The Immortals agree to enter into a state of friendship regardless of any circumstances, unless in direct violation of any of the following conditions:

Article 1- Communication

Leviathan and The Immortals will respect and show healthy, positive attitudes towards each other in all aspects of the Cyber World. This includes IRC, Forums, In-Game pms and all other similar forms of communication. Each respective alliance leader, would be expected to inform the other alliance should any desecration of this article is made.

Article 2- Intelligence

Leviathan and The Immortals will not participate in espionage or assist in espionage against other signatories of this treaty. Each respective alliance leader is expected to alert the signatories of this treaty if espionage or suspicion of espionage is perceived. Any acts of espionage detected within either signatory alliance would render this treaty void.

Article 3- Military and Financial Aid

While it isn’t obligatory, under any circumstance, to aid any of the signatory alliances. Should either signatory alliance seek out aid (military or financial), let it be known that no surprise ought to come of it, if a signatory alliance decides to come to the other’s aid. Failure to come to the other signatory’s aid in such a circumstance, does not render this treaty void.

Article 4- Termination

This treaty may be terminated after a 4 days notice, which must be received and discussed privately between the leadership of all signatory alliances.

Article 5- Signatories

The following signatories agree to the conditions and context of this treaty and bind their respective alliance to this agreement.

Leviathan: elborrador, Emperor Murtagh, Regent

Rheebsronic, Imperial Advisor Xerxer, Imperial Advisor Stealing Pandas, Imperial Advisor

The Immortals: Sarmatian Empire, Emperor

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