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Councillors on The Council are the most merited, respected and trusted members of The Republic. As such they are, when acting as a whole, entitled to exercise the sovereignty of and over The Republic, act as its legislature and the highest level of executive. These aspects of The Council may be seen in their day-to-day running of The Republic and Her ministries, appointments, strategic planning, long-term decisions on foreign policy and development.

The Council itself is comprised of an unspecified number of Councillors. The number may be increased or decreased as needed. As of February 3rd 2014, five Councillors serve: President of IRON, Secretary of State, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Defence, and Minister of The IRON Vault. All Councillors are equal and hold absolute power over their respective ministries.

Decisions in Council are made by a majority vote, though that majority may differ depending on the importance of the matter being decided on. Once a decision of The Council as a whole is made, each Councilor is bound to uphold the decision no matter his personal preference.

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It is worth mentioning that the Councillors of the first few IRON Council's took titles of their Office/Position with the adjective Secretary and only changed titles of their Office/Position to Minister at the end of 2006 or beginning of 2007.

Below are listed the now defunct positions that were held by the former Councillors of the IRON Council.

  • Defence Advisor
  • Minister of Central Intelligence
  • Minister of Recruiting and Admissions
  • Minister of Development
  • Minister of Communications
  • Minister of Logistics
  • Minister of Labour
  • Minister of Tables
  • Minister of DARK Arts
  • Minister of Funk

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