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The Heartland
Official Flag of The Heartland

National Flag
Established 7/27/2008
(5,833 days old)
Alliance SNAFU
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Nation Team Team: Purple Purple

The Heartland is a middle-sized nation located in Southeastern North America. Its economy is self-sufficient and environmentally friendly. It is ruled by the benevolent Warmongrel, and is a member of SNAFU.

The Forging of a Nation[]

July 27, 2008, a nation was born. Christened The Heartland, and dedicated to the memories of yesterday and the momentum of the 'morrow. That nation was recruited by Stetson76 to join an alliance, Tempest. While in Tempest, The Heartland grew in strength and knowledge, and soon came to understand the world in which it lived. On August 13, 2008, Vox Populi and Heroes of Gaming declared war on Tempest and The Heartland. This later became known as War of the Coalition. With the help of allies and friends The Heartland was victorious.

The Neutral Era[]

Months after the War of the Coalition, after helping Tempest rebuild, The Heartland resigned from it's alliance. The ruler of The Heartland succumbed to the voices (Balthier, Confessor Rahl, and Jim Raynor) calling him to join them in the Green Protection Agency. Within the GPA, The Heartland sat contentedly for a few months, meeting new people, and learning a different aspect of Planet Bob. A few months later The Heartland found it's leader serving as GPA's Vice President, much to it's own chagrin. Warmongrel resigned from the GPA a day after his term was complete, no longer feeling content with the alliance and being unable to help it grow.

Situation Normal, All Fouled Up...[]

And it's alright with us. The Heartland found it's way to SNAFU an alliance that splintered from Tempest back in the day. There The Heartland thrives, near it's original friends and allies, and even inspired one of SNAFU's favorite treaties to happen with our friends in Olympus.

On December 27, 2009, our peace was destroyed once more with the impending threat of the Blueballs War. Several days after the war began, on January 2, 2010, SNAFU declared war against Athens, \m/, and Global Order of Darkness on behalf of our allies in The Phoenix Federation. The same day all of the alliances and nations involved found White Peace.

All was right in the world once more, until January 20, a few days down the road. SNAFU is once again called into battle for our allies in Carpe Diem, against Fark. After giving Fark a bit of hell, SNAFU surrendered to the collective forces of iFOK, Finnish Cooperation Organisation, Seaworthy Liberian Carboard Boxes, and Viridian Entente. This conflict was dubbed the Bi-Polar War.

After the conflict was settled, and SNAFU rebuilt, The Heartland resigned once more, to join League of United Defense, where it was content for awhile, until LOUD disbanded. When LOUD disbanded, The Heartland quickly found itself homeless, and decided to check out long time friend and ally, Olympus. Olympus didn't fit The Heartland personally, so they shortly resigned and since that time The Heartland returned to SNAFU, and will remain there for such time as it is welcome.