The Greatevilfish has been present in Cybernations for a considerably long time now, joining the game in the wake of the Citrus War between NPO and ODN. The aftermath of this event arguably shaped his resultant path in CN.

The Greatevilfish, or TGEF as he is commonly referred to by many players, was initially recruited by ODN in their post war recruitment drive.

During his time in ODN TGEF fought a variety of small conflicts, largely against rogues. He was very active in the ODN military, eventually ending up commander of a small special operations unit called the Sentinels, where he met Cataduanes, a member who he is firm friends with to this day.

In the first Great War TGEF fought a variety of NpO nations, including Docharteigh, who he befriended via PM during this time. He campaigned strongly in the ODN for the war to be continued, and was furious that peace was declared so fast, predicting 'the same war, without the element of surprise' in a few months time.

After the war TGEF continued military work. When GW2 broke out, ODN did not enter the war. TGEF was furious at this and left the ODN for good. he would not return to their forums until GW3, where he came back to fight for several days alongside them.

A year or so later TGEF served as a battalion commander in \m/ for two months, leading 60 nations in the attack on the Legion. He resigned from \m/ shortly after this.

TGEF later joined the ASC at the request of his old ODN mentor Pale Horse. Here he had a good time, and served in their army. This saw the break out of the Unjust War, where ASC, alongside the Super Friends bloc, handed a severe amount of damage to the GGA, in the most successful front of the war for the Unjust Highway. TGEF fought proudly, taking several prisoners.

Since this TGEF finally found a stable alliance home again, as a proud member of the CPCN. Whilst always vocal in his support of CN leftism, this was a surprise to many of those who knew TGEF from various other alliances. He has since earned the respect and support of many, both in and out of the CPCN.

Following CPCNs merger into International TGEF negotiated peace for LSF as head of the diplomatic team, as well as closer ties to Orange team in general. TGEF then resigned from the game. He returned three years later under the name 'Scandalous Rumour'.

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