This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of June, 2008. More information is available here.
The Granadine Confederation
TGC Official Flag

TGC Official Flag
Team Color Black team.gif Black
Founder(s) New Granada
Founded 11/24/07
Black Senate None
International relations TGC was a member of the Brotherhood, and had an economic and amity treaty with The Foreign Division and had embassies with over a dozen alliances

link= alliance Statistics as of 05/02/2008

Total Nations 42
Strength 111,017
Avg. Strength 2,643
Nukes 0
Score 0.81
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Government officials[edit | edit source]

  • FederaVallecaucana - Minister of Defense
  • Imperio Verdolaga - Minister of Finance
  • Almavia - Minster of the Interior
  • New Granada - Founder and Minister of Foreign Relations
  • Tet225 Guarani - Minister of Recruitment
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