The Deutsches Herrenhaus was created from the Prussian House of Lords on 22 December 2011 by the Reichsrechtschreibunggesetz ("Imperial Orthography Act") that decrees in Article 3 that the new body be named to incorporate all of Germany, rather than rely on the "outdated body focusing merely on... Prussia". All Reichsministers of the German Empire automatically become Sitting Peers of the House of Lords upon appointment, and become Life Peers upon their retirement from government

Imperial Orthography ActEdit

The RRSG/IOA dictates that:

Article 3Edit

§a. The Prussian House of Lords, being an outdated body focusing merely on one state of the whole of The German Empire, namely Prussia, shall be replaced with the German House of Lords, or Deutsches Herrenhaus ("DHH").

§b. All Reichsministers upon appointment automatically become members of the Deutsches Herrenhaus, and retain their membership after retirement unless forcibly removed by the Kaiser after consulting the Reichskanzler.

§c. The DHH otherwise retains all other attributes heretofore held by the PHoL, including being called at the Kaiser's leisure and requiring 3/4 vote to admit new members.

Amendment 1Edit

§a. Those Reichsministers who retain their membership in the DHH as per Article 3b. shall be designated as "Life Peers" or as a "Reichsminister Emeritus" after their departure from ministerial office.

§b. "Life Peers" shall be designated separate from "Sitting Peers". Sitting Peers comprise all active Reichsministers, the Kaiser, and the Reichskanzler. If any new Reichsministry is created by the Kaiser, the citizen designated as Reichsminister becomes a Sitting Peer.

§c. For a bill to pass through the DHH, all Sitting Peers must vote either "ja" or "nein". All bills pass with an absolute majority (5/6).

§d. Life Peers shall retain the ability to vote in the DHH, but their vote is not necessary for a bill to pass. In such a case, their votes shall be counted if there is not a unanimous decision by the Sitting Peers. In the case of a unanimous decision by all Sitting Peers, Life Peer votes will be voided.

Government of The German Empire and Members of Deutsches HerrenhausEdit

Portfolio Minister
Kaiser His Imperial Highness King Tower
Reichskanzler and
Reichsminister für Propaganda und Volksaufklärung
His Excellency Sigurð Óðinnsson DHH
Reichsminister des Auswärtigen His Excellency Isolde DHH
Reichsminister des Staatsangelegenheiten His Excellency President Orff DHH
Reichsbanker His Excellency Charles von Baden DHH
Reichsmarschall His Excellency General DRU ZOD DHH
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