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The Fire Empire
Capital Blezema
National Flag Fire flag
National Motto Praise the Fire Lord
National Anthem Time For The Sun
Map: Fire Nation
Alliance Affiliation None
Nation Team Red
Official Languages Spanglish, English, Spanish, Italian
Government Constitutional Monarch
King Lord Zenith
Ethnicity Breakdown Flarish 60%, Eartins 20%, watires 10%, Other 10%
Religion Polytheism
Currency Japanese coin 19-1- Metal Coins
Infrastructure 3,426.11
Literacy Rate 95.55%
Tax Rate 46%
Tot. Area 937.283 mile diameter
National Strength 10,624.023
Nation Rank #9,611 of 25,574 Nations (38.07%)
Tot. Population 23,666 Million Supporters
Gross Income $200.11 (A very solid economy)
Natl. Resources Iron oil
Connected Resources Aluminum Gold Silver Copper Lumber Coal
Wars First Elemental War, Second Elemental War, Fire-Earthien War

The Fire Empire is strong and notable for its high technological advances. The Empire is a very unpredictable nation; it may attack anyone at any time. The Fire Empire is an Absolute Monarchy.

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