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Treaty Signatories

The Foreign Division
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Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

Treaty Type: ODP
Treaty Signed: May 18, 2009
Treaty Status: Cancelled

Article I: Preamble[]

The alliances of The Foreign Division (TFD) and the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance (MCXA) wish to contribute actively to the growth of each other, and, therefore declare a PIAT. The purpose of this treaty is for mutual peace and prosperity between both of the signatories.

Article II: Peace[]

No attack against either signatory by the other shall be condoned, and, if it is, this treaty is therefore null and void. Attacks include, but are not limited to, declarations of war, in-game espionage, forums espionage, impersonation of leaders on IRC, and aiding the enemies of the other signatory.

Furthermore, attacks between the signatories is forbidden under this treaty. Attacks include the actions listed former to this clause but are not limited to these. Any attack of any kind must be resolved peacefully through proper diplomatic channels, and if this proves impossible the treaty will in turn become null and void.

Article III: Intelligence[]

If one signatory gains any compromising information, which include, but are not limited to, PMs in-game regarding attacks on the other signatory; a message on the Cyber Nations forum, IRC, or an embassy in either alliance concerning an attack in any way, then they must provide the information to the other signatory by any means possible. Failing to do this will render this treaty null and void.

Article IV: Aid[]

If one signatory asks the other for any monetary aid, and it is found to be not too much of a burden or will endanger them, then they shall provide it to them. It is recommended that after alliance-wide warfare aid requests should be granted to help rebuild the nations affected. Furthermore, to reduce the risk of both alliances during alliance wide warfare, aid should be temporarily canceled to prevent further attacks on the signatories.

Article VI: Optional Defense[]

Though neither signatory is fully bound, if one signatory is attacked, it is strongly encouraged that the other signatory come to the defense of the other signatory if the signatory under assault should so request it. This includes full coordinated military assistance as well as necessary financial aid. The signatory that has been requested to provide aid has 72 hours to either approve or deny the request.

Article VII: Cancellation[]

If one signatory feels that this treaty is no longer beneficial, then they shall notify the other through private channels, and, after a 24 hour grace period in which the treaty is still valid, then this treaty is considered null and void.


Signed for The Foreign Division:
Speaker, Sir Volpe
Senator, Herbert
Senator, GearHead
Senator, Tamurin
Senator, King Adam

Signed for the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance:
Dr. Fresh, Chancellor
Gopherbashi, Chancellor
KingEd, Chancellor
Sandbender, Minister of Defense
Jimmy2E, Minister of Foreign Affairs
AndrewHG, Minister of the Interior
Bryn1030, Minister of Finance
NeuralLink, High Council
TIinPA, High Council