The Existence of Friends is a protectorate agreement between Echelon and ICENI, signed on July 21, 2008. [1]




The Existence of Friends (Protectorate Agreement) Edit

Article I - General Relations Edit

Signatories agree to resolve any and all disputes in a private setting and in a respectful manner becoming of allies. By entering into this pact both signatories retain complete sovereignty.

Article II - Military and Diplomatic Provisions Edit

i. An attack on ICENI is considered an attack on Echelon.

ii. ICENI must notify Echelon of all foreign policy actions (OWF official statements, treaty signings, and war declarations) a minimum of 24 hours before they take place.

Article III - Non-military Assistance Edit

i. Echelon affirms its commitment to providing aid in the form of alliance documents, programs, tools, and financial aid. ICENI acknowledges that distribution of such information to other groups without permission is expressly forbidden.

Article IV - Cancellation Edit

i. This treaty may be cancelled for any reason with 72 hours notice prior.

ii. This treaty is automatically dissolved (72 hour notice not necessary) should ICENI directly violate any of the provisions listed above.



  • Nixon, Interim Government, Founder
  • Danger Phoenix, Interim Government, Founder
  • Kronologic, Interim Government, Founder

For Echelon:

  • DeathAngel, Director
  • Cozmo, Director
  • AllYourBase, Director
  • Tela, Queen
  • Caffine, MoFA
  • el hefe, Congress
  • Solidus117, Congress
  • jrscott, Congress
  • Big Jimboi, Congress
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