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The Empire of the UK
Flag of The Empire of the UK
National Flag
Who Dares Wins
Capital England
Official languagess English
Recognized regional languages Various
Demonym Emprish
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarchy of The Empire King William II
- Speaker of The Empire Sir Robert Smith
- Prime Minister of The Empire Gordon Blair
- Chief Justice of The Empire Jack Wight MP
- Commander of The Armed Forces Colonel Brick
Formation 7/4/2009 7:43:45 AM
Major Religions None (official)
National Animal Red Squirrel
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
Currency Pound
Literacy Rate English (UK)
Internet TLD .co.em
Time Zone GMT

The Empire of the UK was founded by a group of Australian miners exploring the north western territories. The miners found a new land in the shape of what they believed to be a dragon. The miners were so scared of the shape of the island, that they cursed it and ran away, never to return.


After the miners ran from the north western territories a group of Middle Eastern scientists began researching the island. These scientists managed to discover heat signatures around the middle of the island. Two weeks later, they were assassinated. The assassins were apparently special armed forces belonging to a Russian Militia group. The assassins were killed three weeks after that by, apparently, Emprish Special Forces led by Colonel Brick. For his bravery of killing these men, Brick was promoted to commander of the armed forces.


The Empire has belonged to two main alliances, one alliance the Empire tried to establish himself, but now he belongs more stabley to the Federation of Allied Republics or FAR. When he first joined FAR it was known as USCN and he joined as the Secretary of Finance. With the name change, Colonel Brick became the Minister of Commerce before standing down and then becoming Deputy of Defence. After his time as deputy, Brick became the Minister of Internal Affairs, which is the position he now holds within the alliance.