The Death Remnants
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DR Official Flag

DR Official Flag
DR Motto: Survive now, Survive forever!
Team Color Multicolored team.gif Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Knights111
Founded 6/18/14
Government Members

♦ Sovereign = Knights111

♦ Chief = Khanevil
International relations See International Relations

link= alliance Statistics as of 7/8/2014

Total Nations 3
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 2,249
Score 0.12
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The Death Remnants (TDR), is a small alliance that is multi-colored. They were formed on June 18, 2014 and have close relations with their only treaty partner, Los Pollos Hermanos.

Charter[edit | edit source]

The Death Remnants Declaration of Existence is a declaration first created on the 2014 Independence Day and made in an American style, using the national anthem to create the rules.''''''

History[edit | edit source]

Although they are a new alliance, The Death Remnants has an interesting history. This includes multiple different wars, allies, and verbal disagreements. Because there are so many, only significant events will be mentioned.

Formation(6/18/2014 - 6/20/2014)[edit | edit source]

On June 17th, Knights111 decided that it was time to stop hiding behind others, while he was a member of Limitless Nexus. He soon realized that Limitless Nexus was also waging war with Kashmir for no reason, and thus left and formed a new alliance with the help of some members of Kashmir. He quickly allied with Los Pollos Hermanos (2nd) and unofficially, Kashmir.

Whistlin' Dixie War and aftermath(6/21/2014 - present)[edit | edit source]

Although they were not in the war physically until June 23, Death Remnants were highly involved in the war, and after Knights111 "aid robbed" Methrage, they were forced into the war, and declared war on Limited Nexus. After three days of war, The Death Remnants declared peace after a request from Methrage. Also, on June 22, The Remnants became officially protected by Los Pollos Hermanos (2nd), and sided with them in the Whistlin' Dixie War. After Knights111 had to pay tech reparations, he had to send 100 more tech in 10 days, which made his nation unable to pay bills for 5 straight days. Although Knights111 wanted to join the ongoing The Great Riot Raid, he knew that it was best for his alliance to stay neutral and out of that war. The alliance was still at only 2 members, and he realized that going into the war was not the answer. On July 2nd, Methrage allowed Knights to quit paying reparations. By the fourth of July, The Death Remnants had remained neutral in the war, and posted their DoE. Still in a state of economical depression, knights111 pondered on if he should join the war, thus effecting his play. The war had expanded since his last thoughts, and officially declared his alliance to remain neutral in the war unless actions against the alliance were taken. On the fourth of July, knights111 also made a major step-up in recruiting, and had begun to do a mass-recruiting program. The days following the war were gloomy, sad, and although they were gaining more members, they were also very short on money. After Eric4500 merged his alliance into The Death Remnants, he became heir and an important role in the alliance.

International relations[edit | edit source]

Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status Signed
Deadly Chicken Remnants Protectorate Los Pollos Hermanos (2nd) (LPH) Active 6/22/2014

TDR current and former members[edit | edit source]

♦ Knights111 ♦ Khanevil ♦ Eric4500

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