The Darkelton War
Conflict: The Darkelton War
Date: 8/11/08-8/12/08
Cause: Darkelton attacks on Bobsku allies
Result: Peace between Allied forces and Tempest. Darkelton loses about 800 Nation strength.
In-Game Flag of FOK

The Nation of Bobsku 30 Star Flag The Nation of Bobs World FlagRose Nation of Ivalice United

Placeholder Flag

The Nation of Darkelton Custom4 The Chester Republic Lebanon Forests of Kashyyyk Custom50 Silver Cities

Hotpiebob DoubleFrost
5000+ 5000+
2000+ killed 1200+ killed
100+ civilian casualties

Operation HopeEdit

The conflict with Darkelton was a planned war after Darkelton destroyed the nation of El Franklin O. This planned attack was Operation Hope. Bobsku and Demon Nation was to be the attackers but when the fight finally started Demon Nation went inactive and hasn't returned. The War started and Bobsku was to this battle alone as it began launching cruise missiles into Darkelton.

Expansion of Operation HopeEdit

After the declaration of war Bobsku seeked a nation to help them in this battle. The nation of Bobs World entered the war. By the evening of August 11, Darkeltons tanks were all destroyed. On August 12, Ivalice United joined the operation and is seeking out allies who are supporting Darkelton.

Tempest involvementEdit

Bobsku agents discovered Darkelton was in an Alliance called tempest. Bobsku officials believe Darkelton is not a real member of Tempest but is hiding amongst the alliance for protection. Bobsku is contacting members and leaders of Tempest to confirm his membership before withdrawing from this conflict. Though there seems to be one nation that is supporting Darkelton financially from within Tempest. Allied Forces began to investigate this. Many more Tempest nations began to get involved in the war for Darkelton but Darkelton was still the allied forces main target.

Negotiations BeginEdit

On August 12, The War had gone all out. Nations were at war with more than just one. Finally it had been confirmed. Darkelton was officially a member of Tempest and the Tempest alliance was eager to help Darkelton win this war. As the alliance got involved casualties raised for the allied forces. King Hotpiebob did not wish to get involved in a war against the entire alliance. Hotpiebob believed if fighting continued it could make the Tempest Alliance believe CRAP was invading which would change the war into an all out Alliance War.

Bobsku began messaging all the combatants aiding Darkelton and members of the allied ooalition. Bobsku ordered allied forces to withdraw forces and end hostilities. Bobsku sent a peace treaty to Darkelton and messaged Tempest "If this war continues it would grow into an alliance war which both alliances do not want.".

King Hotpiebob and DoubleFrost negotiated a peace treaty that would end the war and hopefully create a better friendship between the opposing forces.

Opposition to the WarEdit

Bobsku had a difficult time getting CRAP to approve the invasion of Darkelton. Chuck Normis did not know if the Tempest alliance was officially supporting the nation at the time. At first CRAP rejected Bobskus request to goto war but King Hotpiebob was determined. He gathered as much evidence as he could to gain the approval to attack Darkelton. In the end, CRAP finally approved the invasion but Chuck Normis made it clear that if the war didn't go as planned that Bobsku would pay full responsibility for the damages done to an alliance or nation.

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