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The Dark Templar
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DT Official Flag

DT Official Flag
DT Motto: "In Aiur We Trust"
Team Color Black team.gif Black
Dark Triumvirate

  • Bob
  • Sarkin
  • Starcraftmazter
High Templars

  • Defense: Deathsmile
  • Senator: TiTaN
International relations




AllianceStats.gif Statistics as of 6/14/2022

Total Nations 39
Strength 6,949,835
Avg. Strength 178,201
Nukes 823
Aid Efficiency 44 / 234 (18.80%)
Rank 11
Score 28.08

The Dark Templar (DT) is an alliance residing on the Black team.

Our charter[]

The Charter is the agreed upon law governing the actions of The Dark Templar and its members. For details, read the document at the link below.

Main article: Charter of The Dark Templar

Early history (2008-2013)[]

Military history[]

Dates War Combatants End Result
9/7/2008 DT-SBA War Dark Templar vs. Alliance White Peace
3/19 - 4/16/2009 Freak Safari War Dark Templar vs. Freak Safari Victory
4/23 - 7/19/2009 Karma War Dark Templar vs. Avalon, SSSW18, TOOL, TPF Victory
2/3 - 2/25/2010 BiPolar War Dark Templar vs. Valhalla, The Zoo, Olympus, DOOM, Invicta, BAPS, Molon Labe Victory
1/29 - 2/28/2011 PB-NpO War Dark Templar vs. Legacy, CSN Defeat
12/10/2011 - 1/5/2012 Grudge War Dark Templar vs. CSN Victory
7/11 - 7/24/2012 Dave War Dark Templar vs. GPF Victory
1/21 - 3/26/2013 Equilibrium War AZTEC & Allies vs. TOP, TSO, and Alchemy Victory
6/27 - 7/5/2014 AZTEC-Riot Society War AZTEC & Allies vs. Riot Society White Peace
11/7/2014 - 2/21/2015 Doom War AZTEC & Allies vs. New Polar Order, Random Insanity Alliance, Sparta and Avalanche Victory
10/9 - 12/12/2015 Oculus–MI6 War Oculus vs. MI6, Siberian Tiger Alliance and The Phoenix Federation Victory
3/15/2016 - 9/24/2018 Sengoku-SPATR War Oculus & Allies vs. SPATR, MONGOLS, Kaskus, NEW, Monsters, Inc., and TIR Victory
7/28 - 10/2/2017 Gh0s7busting War Oculus vs. NADC and TTK Victory
10/13 - 11/5/2021 Mind your own business, commies Doomsphere vs. Union of Communist Republics Victory

Foreign affairs[]

Active treaties[]

Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status Signed
Dark Masons (link) MDoAP GLOFDiplomat.png GLOF Active January 9, 2013
AZTEC (link) MDAP AztecFlag.png AZTEC Active April 18, 2013
Quelling the Zerg Rush (link) ODAP IRONflag.png IRON Active June 12, 2014
Holed up in the Dark Pacific Accords (link) ODAP Flag of NPO.png NPO Active March 26, 2015
Novus Ordo Seclorum (link) MDoAP Flag of Oculus.png Oculus Active August 31, 2015
A treaty without a name (link) ODAP World Wombat Federation Active March 19, 2016

Active blocs[]