The Corruption Alliance


Once Corrupted, Always Corrupted

Team Color Black
Founded The dawn of time.

Contents Edit


The Corruption Alliance is corrupt. The Corruption Alliance is an alliance. Any questions?

Goals Edit

Our current goals include:

  • Recruiting
  • Not getting our legs broken
  • Destroying all zombies
  • To have the prettiest unicorns in CN (Re-added by iAlan)

History of the Corruption AlianceEdit

In AD 2007,a party was beginning. A party the likes of which had never been seen before...

Captain: What happen?

Mechanic: Somebody set us up the awesome!

Operator: We get signal

Captain: What!

Operator: Main screen turn on

VenetianBlind: How are you gentlemen?

Captain: It's you!

VenetianBlind: ALL YOUR CLUBS ARE BELONG TO US! You are on the way to party!

Captain: What you say!

VenetianBlind: You have no chance to remain dull make your time.

And so, The Corruption Alliance was formed. For non gamers not understanding the joke...this is what we are refering to

Policies Edit

  • All your clubs are belong to us
  • All your abandoned warehouses are belong to us
  • All your nukes are belong to us
  • All your infrastructure are belong to us
  • If you take our stuff we break your legs...and your Christmas tree.
  • You must be this tall to enter awesome night club raving.
  • All members of The Corrutpion Alliance are required to own one Saturday night special (pistol, for the layman) and one shiv (knife, for the very layman). These are for the purpose of enforcing all policy where diplomacy fails.

FAQ Edit

Are any of you girls? Edit

Answer: Pfft. Don't be silly. There are no girls on teh intarwebs.

What's wrong with consensual necrophilia? Edit

Answer: It's not for us to say what two consenting, over-eighteen (over fourteen in Canada, and over eight in Kazakhstan) people/dead/undead can and cannot do. We just think its wrong to play with your food.

Are you guys for serious?Edit

Answer: Two hundred and thirty seven

D00D J00 GUYZ ARE LIKE 1337!!!111!!1!!!!1 HOW DO I JOIN?Edit

Post on the discussion page! Or, post on the sexiest forums on the intarwebs.

Puns Edit

Every great group needs hilarious things to shout at people. Feel free to shout our collection of original puns at people while/before attacking them.

  • The best part of being a baby seal is that people always take you clubbing.
  • Necrophilia is shouldn't play with your food.
  • The criminal was being hung for his crimes. The suspense was killing him.

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