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the Goa'uld Empire
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This alliance has changed its name.

It is now known as the Goa'uld Empire.
The change took place as of July 26, 2010.
More info is available here.

This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.
The Corporation

Official Flag of The Corporation
Corp War flag
Official War Flag of The Corporation

Motto: Full speed towards iClean!

Team Color Green, formerly Yellow
Founded September 12, 2009
The Executives of the Corporation
  • Chief Executive Officer: iClean
  • Chairman: Kevin McDonald
  • Chief Operating Officer: UnitedNations
The C-Level Officers
  • Chief Financial Officer: Obiwan
The Board of Directors
  • Colonel: Jake997
  • Director of Human Resources: Jon Archer
  • Director of Knowledge: Assyra
  • Director of Developmental Research: Charley
  • Director of Technology: Bungalo Bill
  • Director of Supply: KingNeptune
International Relations
Forums and IRC

Former Yellow Flag

The Corporation is an established, ever growing alliance on the Green Sphere. The Corporation is an alliance founded in the likeness of... you guessed it, a corporation! The Corporation strives to maintain a strong balance between obligation and fun and works towards proficiency in all fields be it Finance or Foreign Affairs. The government is meritocratic and democratic in nature, with leaders being chosen based on their skill and based on the will of the Corporations' employees. The Executives of the Corporation are the supreme governing body of the Corporation with the Chief Executive Officer overseeing everything internal and the Chairman overseeing the external. The C-Level Officers and the Board of Directors monitor the day to day activities of the Corporation as a whole. The International Protection Agency, CN[CoR]e and The Order of Halsa have all merged into the Corporation making our member base a very diverse and very experienced group of players.

The Corporation Merges with CNcore and the International Protection Agency[]

During the early months of the Corporation, growth was slow but steady. We had gained some new friends and allies and were well on the way towards establishing ourselves globally. The alliance CNcore, a former protectorate of Corp decided to fold in and join forces with their protectors. Not long after, MasterChief and the Corporate Executives sat down and discussed another potential assimilation, this time with the International Protection Agency. After brief negotiations, the IPA found a new home in the Corporation. Many former IPA members have gone on to hold high positions in the Corporation. CyberRuler is currently serving his second term as Colonel and DisturbedKiller and KingNeptune serving as Battalion NCO's in the Corporate Security Forces.

The Corporation Breaks 1,000,000 Nation Strength[]

On the 101st day of Corporate existence, the Corporation surpassed the 1,000,000 NS marker. This was a historic moment in Corporate history, further solidifying our position in the world.

2009 Cybernations Award Ceremony[]

In the Cybernations Award Ceremony for 2009, the Corporation was nominated for a total of four categories. Friends and allies nominated the Corporation for Best War Flag, Best Economic System, Best Rookie Alliance and Alliance Most Likely To Succeed in 2010. While the Corporation did not win the Best War Flag, Economic System or Most Likely to Succeed in 2010, the Corporation did come away with the award for Best Rookie Alliance. The Employee's of the Corporation were immensely proud of what had been achieved in their short time on Planet Bob and looked to the future with a renewed passion.


FoA Incident[]

The Corporation found itself in a position to do good when their allies in \m/ tech raided the Forces of Annihilation along with the Goon Order of Oppression Negligence and Sadism and Poison Clan. The plight of FoA, a small, yellow alliance appealed to the senses of the Corporate Employee's. After discussions with \m/, GOONS and PC government, the Corporation got the tech raid to cease and desist and signed a protectorate pact with FoA to ensure their future safety.

NpO vs \m/ War[]

Soon after the FoA Incident, the New Polar Order declared war on \m/ and Poison Clan because of what they had done to FoA. Nowhere during this did the NpO's government ever contact the Corporation or FoA in this matter, which lead many to believe that NpO did not actually care about FoA but merely wanted to settle an old grudge. Despite the possibility of the war being averted, neither Polar or \m/ acted in a manner that would have brought about a peaceful end. As a result of \m/'s diplomatic blunder, the Corporation did not automatically honor our Optional Defense Pact with \m/.

A few short days after, the Corporate government decided that enough was enough, and \m/ needed to be defended. Despite the Corporation wanting to come in on the behalf of \m/, they were quickly alerted to their friends in Farkistan who would need more help now that Carpe Diem had declared on them. After a strong blitz and a few days of nuclear warfare, the war ended in an off white peace for Carpe Diem, with them agreeing to leave the battlefield in exchange for peace.

The TOP/CnG War[]

As a result of the new war formed in the wake of the NpO/\m/ war, the declarations of The Order of the Paradox, the Independent Republic of Orange Nations and DAWN on CnG started a large chain of treaties which would activate numerous defense pacts. When the Nusantara Elite Warriors declared war on our allies in Athens, enough was enough. Despite many members of Corp being close with members of NEW, the Corporation declared war in defense of their treaty partners. The war was ended in an off white peace with NEW agreeing to leave the battlefield in exchange for peace. After the war, the Nusantara Elite Warriors informed Corporate Officials that they had been focusing solely on the Corporation the entire war, hoping to get Corp to surrender. Instead, the Corporate left the battlefield victorious.

The Corporation Merges With The Order of Halsa[]

After much discussion between the government of the Corporation and the government of The Order of Halsa, it was decided that Halsa merge into the Corporation and join the already illustrious ranks of Employees. The Halsan merger marked the reunion of all three founders of the MDoAP bloc Teen Titans under one roof. The bloc was initially founded by the Armed Coalition of Valor, The Order of Halsa and the International Protection Agency. The ACV lives on through the Corporation through such leaders as iClean and Kevin McDonald, while the IPA and Order of Halsa have each become a part of Corp as well.

Corporate Announcements[]

The Corporation Newsletter[]

The corporation newsletter began in September 9. it is a monthly issue that invites anyone in CN to write an article.

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