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The Corellian Pact

The Galactic Republic
The Realm

Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: 19/05/09
Treaty Terminated: 12/06/09
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Corellian Pact is a non-cascading Mutual Defense Pact between The Galactic Republic and The Realm which was announced on May 19, 2009. It became defunct on June 12, 2009 when the Galactic Republic merged into the New Sith Order.

The Corellian Pact[]


Recognizing the bonds shared by the Galactic Republic and the Realm, both alliances do hereby enter into a treaty of Mutual Defence.

Article I[]

Both parties recognize the sovereignty of the opposite alliance. Neither will seek to impose upon their sovereignty in any way, shape or form.

Article II[]

Both parties recognize that should one signatory alliance be attacked by a foreign power, the other signatory shall be obligated to come to their defence through all possible channels.

If the assaulted signatory alliance is involved in a conflict via other treaties or through the actions of another bloc, this defence becomes optional.

Article III[]

Given the youth of the Realm, this treaty shall be reviewed after a period of one month.

Should either party choose to cancel this treaty at any time for any reason, they must give 48 hours notice in private.

Signed For The Galactic Republic:[]

Cheyenne, Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Rear Admiral of the Fleet and Supreme Dictator for Life of GROSS Jaym, Vice Chair and Grand Jedi Master PrincessRo, Senate Prefect

Dementual, High Envoy Amelsh, Grand Admiral The Flying Scotsman, Chairman of the Intergalactic Banking Clan and Fiery Scot

Second Senatorial Council: SavetheCheerleader, Rupert of Hentzau, SirHobo, Melutar

Signed for The Realm:[]

Incitatus, Emperor