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The Conclave
Protectorate of Argent
The Conclave Official Flag

The Conclave Official Flag
The Conclave Motto: "Exitus acta probat"
(English: "The outcome justifies the deed")
Team Color Multicolored team.gif Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Austindel, Synesi
Founded March 17, 2010


  • Austindel, Grand Master
  • Synesi, Auxiliary Grand Master
  • Thane, Warmaster
International relations

link= alliance Statistics as of March 18, 2010

Total Nations 6
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 13,669
Nukes 21
Score 0.35
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The Conclave is a small new alliance and has not yet chosen a team affiliation. It was founded on March 17, 2010, after several months of planning, and signed a protectorate treaty with Argent on the same date.



In the beginning was chaos, and chaos ruled all. Amidst a world in turmoil, one man pushed aside the banner of darkness and pledged freedom to all mankind. That man, our Emperor, left this world to protect us from the next. It is in the name of the One True Emperor of Man that the Conclave was forged. The light shall be brought forth, the darkness quenched, and our Holy Warriors shall bring freedom to all mankind. The Conclave shall spread the Emperor's Holy Will to all nations, all shall see the truth. Behold the Conclave.

Article I: Membership

Members of the Conclave are those nations that have successfully completed the application process and have been accepted by the Administratum or their designate.

Article II: Government

Section A: The Administratum

The Administratum is the highest governing body of man, second only to the Emperor himself. Its members are given the task of directing the fate of all mankind.

Section A(1): Grand Master

The Grand Master is given the opportunity to serve as leader and spokes person of the Conclave. It is the duty of the Grand Master to oversee all aspects in the governing of the Conclave. In emergency situations, the Grand Master, with the approval of at least one other member of the Administratum, may assume the position of Supreme Commander of the Conclave. Emergency powers are limited to a time until the Administratum can adjoin and may not exceed 72 hours.

Section A(2): Auxiliary Grand Master

It is in the duty of the Auxiliary Grand Master to assist in overseeing all things relating to the governing of the Conclave. If the Grand Master is away for a period of time that threatens the continuity of leadership in the Administratum, the Auxiliary Grand Master is to be made Grand Master interim until such time the Grand Master is able to return.

Section A(3): Warmaster

The Warmaster is charged with handling the war machine of the Conclave. It is the duty of the Warmaster to oversee the defense and conquests of man. He will work closely with the Grand Master and the other members of the Administratum to ensure the security and prosperity of devout nations.

Section A(4): Master Envoy

The Master Envoy is head ambassador of the Conclave. It is within his words and actions that the holy task of spreading the name of the Emperor to all mankind is placed. It is the duty of the Master Envoy to assist the Grand Master in the building and maintenance of inter-alliance relationships, including written inter-alliance agreements.

Section A(5): Master Provost

The Master Provost is given the task of maintaining affairs within the Conclave. This includes, but is not limited to, the maintenance and acceptance of members as well as the overseeing of internal organizations.

Section B: Praefectum (Praefectus)

The members of the Administratum will be required to perform numerous and sometimes tedious undertakings. It is with this understanding that the creation of a prefectus may be necessary. Praefectum may be appointed by members of the Administratum to act as close proxies of the appointing governor. Praefectum should be monitored in their duties by the Administratum and should never be considered as equal or in a higher power as any individual within the Administratum.

Section C: Ordinates

In keeping with the spirit and hard work put into all of which man has created, the Administratum and its designates may find it suitable to appoint additional staff. Ordinates should be closely monitored in their duties by the Administratum and may never be considered as equal or in a higher power as any individual within the Administratum.

Article III: Elections

The members of the Administratum are elected officials. The election process shall begin the second Tuesday of designated months and last 96 hours. Elections shall begin at such a time in which the founding Administratum find the Conclave structurally sound and in no danger, be there a change of power.

Article IV: Impeachment and Banishment

Section A: Impeachment

Should any member of the Administratum become suspect to wrongdoing with the potential of harming the Conclave in any way, shape, or form, he may be impeached. Any member may petition for an impeachment. If 25% of the membership agrees, a vote will be held. If the governor in question fails to confirm with 50% +1 of the vote in his favor, he shall be removed from office. The remaining Administratum will appoint an interim and an emergency election will promptly ensue.

Section B: Banishment

Should any member of the Conclave be found to have committed heinous crimes against the Conclave and the Emperor, he may be banished. Banishment is determined by a unanimous vote of the Administratum.

Article V: Amendments

To survive in the constantly evolving world of Terra, the membership may propose amendments to this charter at any time and pass with a two-thirds approval of the entire member base. If passed by membership, the Administratum reserves the right to veto any amendment by unanimous vote.

Article VI: Military Policy

Any unwarranted declaration of war made against an individual member of the Conclave will be treated as a declaration of war against the Conclave itself. Members are only allowed to attack nations which are deemed by the Warmaster and Administratum rogue and/or are on the Conclave ZI list. Any unapproved attacks on any nations by members of the Conclave will be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

Article VII: Nuclear Weapons

No Conclave nation may engage in a nuclear first strike without prior authorization by the Warmaster or his praefectum. If a Conclave nation is the victim of a nuclear first strike, the use of nuclear weapons is authorized against the offending nation without any higher approval. A nuclear first strike is considered to be the use of nuclear weapons, or the use of spies to disable nuclear weapons, whether successful or not.


  • Grand Master Austindel
  • Auxiliary Grand Master Synesi