The Compound

National Flag
"If we are at the bottom the only way we can go is up."
National Anthem
Capital City Capital
Official Language(s) English
Demonym nothing
Established 2/17/2007
(4,756 days old)
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Ruler The Compound
Alliance Worldfederation
World Federation
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Green team Green
Total population 57,000
 47,000 civilians
 10,000 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100%
Religion Christianity Christianity
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar
Infrastructure 4,999.99
Technology 632
Nation Strength 20,000
Nation Rank 1 of 5,242 (0.02%)
Total Area 1219 Earth icon
Native Resources Gold Wheat

Nation Information Edit

The Compound is currently the Emperor of the World Federation. He was the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, during the tirumvirate.

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