The Chaos Brotherhood
Protectorate of The International
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TCB Motto: Chaos Reigns Supreme
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) KenfolkGTS, Saniiro Matsudaira, Rstat1, Pollard, BladeX, Rhaemyr, Wingedwolfmgless, Magion, Bluebirdmatt
Founded March 27, 2013 [1]
Lord Of Chaos
Destiny Hero
Green Senate KenfolkGTS
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The Chaos Brotherhood (TCB) is a small alliance on the Green sphere. It was founded on March 27, 2013.

Recent News (update)
  • February 2, 2014: The Chaos Brotherhood surpasses 30 members.
  • January 30, 2014: The Chaos Brotherhood surpasses 20 members.
  • June 21, 2013: The Chaos Brotherhood signs an ODP with Pan National Union.
  • June 2, 2013: The Chaos Brotherhood signs an ODAP with the Alternian Empire.
  • March 27, 2013: The Chaos Brotherhood announces their existence to the world.


The initial idea to form a new alliance came from discussions between Saniiro, Kenfolk, Pollard, BladeX and Rhaemyr. Quickly though, they got others involved who were not completely happy in their current alliances and wanted a change, such as rstat1, Magion and Wingedwolfmgless They also managed to get Bluebirdmatt on board, by first convincing him to return to the game. The initial discussions focused around reforming Tetris, an alliance that had recently merged to form Shangri-La, as the majority of people involved had previously been members of Tetris. However, the focus instead shifted towards creating an entirely new alliance to act as a clean slate. On January 13, 2013, the name The Chaos Brotherhood was chosen for the new alliance. The following day, forums were established by Pollard. By January 26, a full charter had been drawn up and the alliance set about holding its first elections. In the nomination process, everybody nominated ran unopposed and so the first government was established. The alliance formally declared its existence on March 27, 2013 with The International as its protector.

Today, the Brotherhood maintains a steady member count and decent IRC and Forum activity. It maintains ties with other alliances of a similar size.


Main article: Charter of The Chaos Brotherhood

The Charter of The Chaos Brotherhood is the set of rules and guidelines outlining the structure of the alliance. It details the government structure, guidelines for members and the process for changes to be made.


See also: Government History of The Chaos Brotherhood

The Government of The Chaos Brotherhood, also known as the Chaotic Council, is a group of five individuals who each control various aspects of the alliance. The Lord of Chaos is the leader of the alliance and serves until they step down. The rest of the council serves a 3 month term, after which time elections are held in accordance with the charter.

International RelationsEdit


Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status Signed
The Internationale Gets a Bit Chaotic AccordsProtectorateInt-big The InternationalActiveMar 27, 2013
Realm of Imagination Occupation TreatyODoAPAlternian Empire flag Alternian EmpireDefunctJun 2, 2013
National Chaos Fast Food Enterprises Incorporated Privatized Telecoms IncorporatedODPPan National Pan National UnionDefunctJun 21, 2013
Federation of Chaotic BrothersODPFlag of NSF North Star FederationCancelledJul 13, 2013

Protected Alliance AffiliationsEdit

Alliance Affiliation Since
Pan National Pan National UnionOct 1, 2013
Significant Green Team Alliances
CurrentGreen Protection AgencyKoRT(2)Viridian Entente(2)
Under 20The Chaos Brotherhood
Defunct/b/(1)/b/(2)/b/(3)AndromedaArgoCIACorpDoAEoTSGUN(2)Goa'uldGGAINCLegacyOEGOVPandemicPOTRealmThe Republican UnionSoMTerran EmpireTetris(2)TJOTREUCoNUAVE(1)WINwFSCARGreen Old PartyMortal Wombat
MovedBNCISThe GrämlinsOGiFOKIRNTOSpartaSymphony
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