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The Bovine
Tournament Edition alliance
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The Bovine

TB Official Flag

TB Motto: Symphony of Destruction
Active in Round(s): 8, 9
Team Color Aqua
Founder(s) The Man At Your Door
  • Round 8: TMAYD
  • Round 9: Squid33 and Waffles

The Bovine (TB) is the Tournament Edition affiliate of the Aqua Defense Initiative. It was originally founded by TMAYD and is currently led by Squid33 and Waffles following TMAYD's disappearance. Squid and Waffles decided to shorten the name because the majority of ADI members are slightly illiterate, so there ended up being several versions of the alliance in round 8.


TB was founded by The Man At Your Door for Round 8 as The Bovine Berserkers. It has always been an Aqua alliance, although members are encouraged to change teams if they find good trade circles elsewhere.

Round 8[]

TB was very organized in Round 8 as a result of TMAYD's leadership. Late into the round, it began a war against Wolfpack. TB signed a treaty with the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations on October 27, 2009. This treaty was renewed for Round 9.

Round 9[]

Squid and Waffles made sure TB was even more organized for Round 9. They signed an MDoAP with Aeonic Imperium on December 23, 2009 and had an unofficial protectorate with the Mostly Harmful Alliance. TB began a war on Lafayette Escadrille on January 16, 2010, in support of Roman Empire. AI added some support, but it was not enough as many TB nations were destroyed when counterattacked by bigger nations. Several of these counterattacks included nuclear weapons. TB learned its lesson, and was glad that it did not attack its original target, an even bigger alliance. Peace was officially declared with LE on January 24, 2010.