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The Bolak Corp. Institute of Technology is a private technological education institute whose main campus is located in Ukhta, three blocks to the north of the Sheldomar Bolak Building.

Unlike Uralikan Yliopisto, which focusses on pure or applied academics, Bolak IT is predominantly focussed on trades. Although a private institution, it gets a large amount of public funding, due to the fact that many graduates go on to work in Uralica's most important industries, whether those be mining, forestry, tourism, or construction, or something completely different.

Hundreds of specific activities are taught, all grouped into the following categories:

  • Aerospace - to do with the assembly, operation, and safety protocols of aircraft.
  • Computer Management and Technology - computer building and repair, game design, computerised graphic art, computer-assisted drafting, and various other technologically-oriented topics are taught in this category.
  • Emergency Service - although medical doctors and surgeons are trained at Uralikan Yliopisto and nurses are trained at the Uralican College of Nursing, paramedics and medical computer technicians are trained at Bolak IT.
  • Fluviomarine - to do with the assembly, operation, and safety protocols of all water-bound vessels, like boats of various types, barges, and such.
  • Forestry and Wood Production - from the logging of the wood to making a finished product, anything to do with the preparation of wood is taught in this category. Also includes wooden furniture construction.
  • General Construction - various types of carpentry, welding, road-building, plumbing, electrical work, and anything to do with basic infrastructural construction are taught here. The actual design of this stuff is taught at Uralikan Yliopisto.
  • Manufacturing Studies -
  • Mechanics - if it is to do with building or fixing engines or ground vehicles, it will be taught within the Mechanics category. Overlaps with other categories depending on the type of mechanics chosen.
  • Mining - since Bolak Corp. was essentially started as a mining company, this is among their most thoroughly taught subjects. Some courses are required from UY.